Why would a guy play hard to get

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Why do guys play hard to get when you know they like you? Well, if you still think that only you girls mastering the push and pull tricks, you are totally wrong. They can be confusing sometimes, or enjoy making us confuse for this matter.

You might think that this is a kind of karma since you like to play hard to get. Firstly, you would enjoy the sensation.

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Only for you to feel annoyed later. As the time goes by, you become tired of it. But here we are to the rescue. You have to notice quickly when he seems to keep you away from some crucial things. Not all guys are bad enough to play hard to get with girls. But if the guy is really shy, he will become more comfortable with you as the time goes by.

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Because the problem may lie with you. As you really like this guy, you keep making the first move. As he has the power over you, he tries to control the situation. He might have freaked out a little bit too. He just want to string you along until he figures out which one is the best. He might choose you, he might not, or he might left empty handed. He enjoy being chased by many girls, knowing his worth, keeping them all hanging. He never make it official. People say that everything is about priority.

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No one is busy enough when they want to make time. However, some people are just literally busy. So here is another possible answer to why do guys play hard to get when you know they like you. He is just busy. No matter how old a guy get, he remains little boy deep down inside. He only want to try on some new experience after watching thousands of romantic movies and YouTube videos.

What can you expect from a little boy trying on a romantic experience, though? A heartless player who only wants to be in the game. In life you might encounter bad guys, and this one is probably one of them. He pursues girls here and there, only to prove how famous and desirable he is. Flee while you can. After going down through the list, you will no longer ask why do guys play hard to get when you know they like you.

Judging on your situation right now, which one is the most suitable for you? Friend Issue 5 5.

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Why would a guy play hard to get

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Men Reveal The Honest Truth About Whether They Like Playing Hard To Get While Dating