Whatsapp free calls download for blackberry

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The mobile supports many apps, and at the same time, Blackberry is supported with Whatsapp messenger as well. WhatsApp Messenger for Blackberry devices is a very smart messenger application that will work between the user of different phone systems and international carriers.

WhatsApp Messenger is a very simple to use interface in which you can also create a group with several contacts and start chatting with all your friends together. If in case you are offline then the application will record your messages so that you can read them later. By using the application, you will be able to send and receive multimedia items which also include videos comma images and voice notes.

WhatsApp Messenger is similar to that of SMS exchange and uses the phone from the user address book. The application is also available in which you can block the contacts, share your location, manage history, personalized notification sound and much more.

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The current version of WhatsApp is version 1. WhatsApp Inc is currently working to roll the application out to the Android and Symbian platforms. BlackBerry device that meets the following requirements:. Download WhatsApp For Blackberry. More information on this extension can be found on the WhatsApp website.

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To get started with WhatsApp web. First, you should visit the website but web. After that, you should open WhatsApp from your mobile device.

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So in this, you should first go to the QR scanning code which is different for different operating systems. After you know how to scan the QR code which is available on your computer. Then you should scan it once it is done you will be directly accessed to do WhatsApp directly from your personal computer. Notify me of follow-up comments by .

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Whatsapp free calls download for blackberry

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