Walter murphy 5th of beethoven

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The Ones. Album Of The Week. Counting Down. That night, Beethoven conducted the orchestra himself. The orchestra played badly. The theater was freezing cold. It took Beethoven four hours to get through all his new shit. Orchestras around the world started playing it. Its central four-note phrase eventually became, perhaps, the one piece of classical music that everyone recognizes, the one that essentially serves as an easy shorthand for the entire idea of classical music. And then, years after Beethoven debuted the Fifth Symphony, it was transformed into disco, and it became a 1 hit.

Play that funky music, Ludwig Van Beethoven. Instead, that credit went to Walter Murphy, a young ad-jingle writer from Yonkers. It plays on our collective memory, twisting up a familiar piece of music, having some fun with it. Pretty smart! Murphy was just 23 when he hit 1. Those were the day jobs; at night, Murphy played soul covers in a bar band called WAM. Possibly on the advice of an ad-jingle writer, Murphy had the idea of updating a piece of classical music for the disco era. Nobody cared about the new songs, but Private Stock Records founder Larry Uttal liked the Beethoven adaptation, so he put it out.

Murphy himself had played just about all the instruments on the record, but Uttal convinced him that it would sell better if the record jacket had the name of a group.

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As for the other Big Apple Band, they eventually changed their name to Chic. This is not a complaint. Sometimes, novelty works. It sure as hell does here. Chintzy, pseudo-sophisticated string arrangements had been a big part of disco from jump. Instead, Murphy uses that central phrase as a way to vamp. For long stretches of the three-minute instrumental, that string-riff will fade to the back, and Murphy will do squelchy, rolling organ improvisations and slow, building horn-bursts instead. Murphy had some misgivings about this whole adapting-classical-music thing.

For years, Murphy kept putting out disco versions of famous classical pieces. None of them sold. Murphy never made the top 40 again. He only made the Hot two more times. The Extra-Terrestrial.

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Fate, in any case, had other plans for Murphy. Even at his peak, Murphy was still writing jingles. SinceMurphy has been the prime musical collaborator for Seth MacFarlane. As an independent website, we rely on our measly advertising income to keep the lights on. Our are not too obtrusive, promise. Would you please disable adblock? Tom Breihan Staff tombreihan.

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Walter murphy 5th of beethoven

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A Fifth Of Beethoven