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The U. Same-sex sexual activity between consenting adults has been legal since the New York v. Onofre case in Same-sex marriage has been legal statewide sincewith some cities recognizing domestic partnerships between same-sex couples since Discrimination protections in credit, housing, employment, education, and public accommodation have explicitly included sexual orientation since and gender identity or expression since Transgender people in the state legally do not have to undergo sexual reasment surgery to change their sex or gender on official documents since Sincecommercial surrogacy has been legally available within New York State.

This riot and further protests and rioting over the following nights were a watershed moment in the history of LGBT rights, and the beginning of the modern LGBT rights movement. All existing laws against private consenting homosexual sexual conduct between adults were abolished by the New York Court of Appeals in the case New York v. Onofrewith the exception of laws affecting employees of the New York National Guard. A law repealing the sodomy provisions took effect in Adultery is a criminal offense in New York, and applies equally to all married couples including within a same-sex marriage.

In NovemberGovernor Andrew Cuomo ed a bill into law granting service members who received dishonorable dischargesunder the federal Don't ask, don't tell policy from toaccess to state veterans benefits. ly, New York had recognized same-sex marriages performed in other jurisdictions since May 14,when Governor David Paterson issued an executive directive for all state agencies to recognize such marriages. Before the passage of the Marriage Equality Actthe New York Court of Appeals held that New York law did not permit same-sex marriage and that there was no state constitutional right to same-sex marriage.

New York has provided benefits to same-sex partners of state employees since In vitro fertilization IVF is available to lesbian couples in the state, however, surrogacy of any kind has been explicitly a criminal offence by fines and jail time between and The law went into effect on February 15, In Octobera court order within New York legally allowed religious groups and organisations can legally discriminate against gay, single and unmarried heterosexual couples in adopting children - due to a "religious affiliation and beliefs" under the US First Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment.

SONDA "prohibits discrimination on the basis of actual or perceived sexual orientation in employment, housing, public accommodations, education, credit, and the exercise of civil rights. Originally, the law did not include gender identity. On December 16,Governor David Paterson issued an executive order banning discrimination based on gender identity in state employment.

The bill would add gender identity to the state's anti-discrimination laws. A recent instance of such a defeat was April 25,when five Republicans and one Democrat on the N. Senate Investigations and Government Operations Committee voted against it. The same month, Governor Andrew Cuomo ed the bill into law. ly, in the absence of a statewide law, the counties of SuffolkTompkinsand Westchesteralong with the cities of New YorkAlbanyBinghamtonBuffaloIthacaSyracuse and Rochester passed non-discrimination ordinances protecting gender identity.

In addition, on October 22,Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that he would direct the New York State Division of Human Rights DHR to promulgate regulations banning harassment and discrimination against transgender individuals in employment, housing, education, access to credit, and public accommodations. Moreover, the state's anti-bullying law prohibits bullying on the basis of race, color, weight, national origin, ethnic group, religion or religious practice, disability, sexual orientation, gender includes gender identity and expression or sex.

The law also explicitly includes cyberbullying and harassment, and applies to all public elementary and secondary schools in the state. In Augustit was reported by Gay City News that doctors were fined tens of thousands of dollars by a New York Manhattan court judge - due to blatenly illegally discriminated against both HIV-positive and gay men, who were patients of several hospitals within Manhattan were grossly denied healthcare in New York City.

This court case could potentially be appealed. In Novembera bill was ed into law by New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo that legally requires annual statistics on judges in courtrooms and New York State justice systems - based on gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, race, color, disability, etc.

The Hate Crimes Act of has covered sexual orientation since July 1, and gender identity and expression since November 1, On August 31, a gay man shouted to several individuals to "wear a mask" during COVID and got brutally beaten and nearly died - the worst hate crime done within New York City in Manhattan since Donald Trump got elected. It Junethe New York State Legislature passed a bill to repeal the common law gay and transgender panic defense. New York State became the 6th US state to abolish it.

In Marchthe Attorney General of New York Letitia James changed the birth certificate policy to include individuals born within New York State to change sex or gender by just "self affirmation" - effective immediately. They also had to submit a notarized affidavit from a medical expert verifying gender confirmation surgery or a diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

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This policy was announced partly because a year-old sued New York State in January over his birth certificate that was issued by the state and which listed him as female. In Junelegislation was passed, ed and implemented to both protect and make legally-binding these gender or sex change regulations formally official within New York State on drivers licences, I.

Ds and birth certificates. In Septemberthe New York City Council passed by a vote of an ordinance to allow a third gender option, "X", on birth certificates. Mayor Bill De Blasio had already come out in support of the bill, saying in a statement that the legislation will "allow transgender and gender nonconforming New Yorkers to live with the dignity and respect they deserve. In Novemberit was reported that court and jury documents will contain a "gender X" option, alongside male and female.

As of Decembera New York government agency, the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance, is being sued because it does not allow a "gender X" option alongside male and female. As of Marchthere has been no update on this matter. As of AprilNew York State does not issue optional gender X driver's yet - despite being completely surrounded by US states, that already have a gender X option available on drivers s. InNew York State implemented an anti-prostitution law also colloquially known as the "walking while trans law" or penal law section The archaic loitering law, Section In Aprilthe New York City Council passed a billto implement education programs about intersex individuals.

With the backing of NYC intersex advocates, the city plans to provide educational resources on the medical procedures imposed on intersex youth in an effort to fit their anatomy into the male and female binary. On May 30,in the case of Yonaty v.

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Mincollaa unanimous four-judge panel of the New York Appellate Division held that labeling someone "gay" or a "homosexual" can no longer be grounds for defamation. Justice Thomas Mercure wrote: "In light of the tremendous evolution in social attitudes regarding homosexuality The regulations ban public and private health care insurers from covering the practice in the state, and also prohibit various mental health facilities across the state from conducting the practice on minors.

Conversion therapy is a hateful and fundamentally flawed practice that is counter to everything this state stands for. New York has been at the forefront of acceptance and equality for the LGBT community for decades -- and today we are continuing that legacy and leading by example.

On January 15,Bill A passed the state Assembly by a vote of —7, and passed the state Senate that same day by a vote of 57—4. Beginning inbills pertaining to conversion therapy had passed the state Assembly 11 times. Sexual relations between persons of the same gender variously described as "sodomy", "buggery" or "sins of carnal nature" were illegal for most of the history of New York from its establishment as a Dutch colony onwards, until such relations were legalized by judicial action in Various organizations were established for LGBT people to advocate for rights and provide human services, the impact of which was increasingly felt at the state level.

Over the following years, LGBT people gained more and more visibility, and discussions surrounding LGBT rights became increasingly more prominent and mainstream. Inthe New York Supreme Court legalized private consensual same-sex sexual activity, a historic and landmark decision. Simultaneously with legal reforms ongoing in the state, societal and public attitudes toward the LGBT community also evolved, going from general antipathy and hostility to tolerance and acceptance.

In the early 21st century, anti-discrimination laws were modified to cover sexual orientation in and gender identity ina conversion therapy ban was enacted, gender transition laws were relaxed removing the requirement for surgery amongst othersand hate crime legislation was passed. In Mayit was widely reported that first responders e.

In Januaryit was announced and reported that New York City recognises LGBT-owned businesses access to city contract agreements - very similar arrangements in California and some cities within New Jersey exist by legislation or executive order. In Februaryit was revealed by Washington Blade media within and during the Democratic Party presidential primariesthat former Republican Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg vetoed partner benefits for same-sex couples back in - when at the time same-sex couples had no legal protections whatsoever.

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Surrogacy Law By State". The Surrogacy Experience Inc. Archived from the original on November 5, Retrieved June 29, Assembly approves bill to outlaw transgender discrimination — for the 8th consecutive year".

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