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A common complaint about dating in the time of Tinder is that people often end up on dates with people about whom they know little to nothing.

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As I wrote last year in a story about how Tinder and apps like it had transformed dating in just half a decade, being on the apps often means dating in a sort of context vacuum:. By all s, people still love using Tinder, Bumble, and other apps like them, or at least begrudgingly accept them as the modern way to find dates or partners.

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But when shopping through every potential date in your geographic area with little more to go on than a photo and a couple of lines of bio becomes the norm, people can feel burned-out, and long for the days of offline dating. Read: The rise of dating-app fatigue. It also gives users the option of pulling biographical data from their Facebook to populate their Facebook Dating profile: name, age, location, job title, photos.

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In that case, Facebook Dating notifies both parties. A representative for Facebook confirmed that developers wanted to address a couple of specific problems they saw with how existing dating apps had reformed, and arguably gamified, dating. Earlier this summer, Facebook commissioned a survey of 3, Americans over the age of Popular Latest.

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Types of people you come across on dating apps