Things guys love to do

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But do you ever wonder what makes a guy turn around and take a second glance on the street, or sit up and take notice of a girl as she walks past him? You just need to be yourself. But, of course, if you believe you can be a better version of who you are, then go ahead and pick a few tips from here.

It would definitely help you feel more confident and sexy from within. Use these little details that guys find sexy and attractive about you to woo the guy you like and get his attention in no time. The way you carry yourself around a guy or the way you talk to him confidently plays a big part in how much you awe him.

High heels have a way of making your legs look longer and more attractive. Guys love a girl who likes having fun. Are you too uptight and timid? Let your hair down and have fun now and then. Instead, learn to look at him the right way. Guys are easily impressed by playful girls with a high energy level. Just enjoy the little things and have a positive attitude towards life. Guys are suckers for girly laughter and sweet smiles. Smile often, be cheerful and the world will find you a lot more attractive. Mysteriousness is sexy.

Your hair can be one of your biggest assets when it comes to attracting a guy. Play with your hair or run your hands through it, or move your long locks from one shoulder to the other with your hands to reveal your neck while making eye contact with a guy. Do you carry a bag or a purse with a long strap? Position your purse strap in between your breasts and let the bag drop to one side of your body. It just makes you look a lot cuter, and sexier too!

Are you the girly girl who loves gesturing s from across the room or while snapping pictures? Many guys love girls who behave in a cute way. But it definitely looks attractive when you send a flying kiss from across the room, and wrinkle your nose, and smile or wink at the guy. Walk up from behind the guy and slide your arm in between his elbow and his body, and give him a nudge with your shoulder or cling to his arm.

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Guys find girls who occasionally wear reading glasses really sexy. It looks particularly cute when the girl wears glasses and wears her hair high, in a pony tail or a bun. Guys feel great when a girl indulges in a conversation with them. The way a girl talks while coyly flirting back is hot. Asking a guy for help makes him feel more like a man, because men intuitively feel manlier when a girl behaves like a damsel in distress and asks for help.

It could be something simple, like asking for a pen or to reach out for something or to open something. There are so many other little things that guys find sexy and attractive about a girl. There are a few sexy things girls do that guys just love! Read these 25 things guys find sexy and attractive about a girl to find out what they are.

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Things guys love to do

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17 Things Girls Do That Guys Love (Secretly)