Start with sexting possibly leading to real fun

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There are many reasons why adolescents sext. They might be trying to impress a crush or just trying to be funny. Some willingly send nude photos of themselves to their boyfriend or girlfriend. Sometimes, they can be pressured — even blackmailed — into sending a sexual message.

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Regardless, adolescents who participate in sexting expose themselves to a variety of social, emotional, and legal risks. And once the image is spread, it is impossible to get it back and can circulate to hundreds of people, causing damage to academic, social and employment opportunities. When the creator consents to a sexual image being sent, law enforcement officers can become involved, producing an investigation.

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As a result, the adolescent may be ordered to attend educational programs or community service. In some cases, the adolescent could be charged with a serious crime at a felony or misdemeanor level. To help prevent sexting, set rules for internet and cell phone use with your. Discuss the consequences for breaking these rules. Continue to keep the lines of communication open with your child so that they are not afraid to talk about sexting with you.

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SEXTING: the sending of sexually explicit digital images, videos, text messages, or s, usually by cell phone There are many reasons why adolescents sext.

Start with sexting possibly leading to real fun

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