Songs for people you miss

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Just started listening to this song, my best friend moved away and I feel like just about everyone that I used to talk to doesn't want to talk to me and I feel lonely at school a lot. I am starting to think they don't want to talk to me is because they want to be close to her.

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She was like a sister to me and is like the outgoing side to me, when I'm quiet, and always knew to how to cheer me up. Now I barely have to time to talk to her since I have a lot of homework. I'm in a long distance relationship with someone who I fell for hard, just like this song insinuates. It describes our relationship perfectly.

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Won't see him for another 4months. It reminds me of my best friend that I've been best friends with ever since I was in third grade but last year, I had to let him go. Whenever I miss him terribly I sing this song.

I know it is about couples and whatever but I still like it. I love this song because I miss my best friend and this song makes me feel good. This song reminds me of when I lost my brother. His death date and birth date are within a month of each other, 25 years apart, and after ten years of losing him, this is when I'm thrown back into the grieving process with anger and depression and bartering then after his birth date, I gain acceptance again that he's really gone.

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My mom died three years ago I always play this when I think of her. This song is so heart warming. It is beautiful. It means exactly what it should. Things like, "I miss you," and "I love you," and "I wanted you to stay.

So amazing. I have never heard this song before and I was in one of those "I miss you so much and I want you back" kind of moods. Although it made me sad, it totally hit the spot. Thanks so much! My best friend moved across the country unexpectedly without saying goodbye days ago. I think this song would be a great way to tell her that I miss her. Love this song and he sings it so perfectly. Another great one is Miss You by Nickelback always brings back the tears.

Absolutely the best song by far, I can think of when it comes to missing someone. Because this doesn't only talk about your ex or your lover. It talks about how lonely you can be without someone really special whether that be your best friend or your ex and how much you want them to be right beside you! Me and my best friend like to sing this song because my ex broke up with me then a month later hers broke up with her. I still miss him so much though and its been 3 months. Love this for all the right reasons.

From the Heart, Great vocals! Awesome sound. Beautiful longing. This is one of the most romantic songs I heard. I love this song its very beautiful to listen to. Its about a love relationship that a person remembers and wont forget that person she was in love with and it was a long relationship and she defended the person who she was in love with by this quote "I stand up and punch them out".

She wanted to be forever with the person but they broke up "That last kiss I ll cherish until we meet again". She misses that person. Really sweet - what makes it different than other "I miss you" songs is that it's about a friend who died - not an ending relationship. When it comes to death, you know it's over, for good.

Listen closely to the lyrics and look it up - it's about P! Nk's friends who died from drugs :. Outstanding song. One of my favorites by her. I've always been a huge P! Nk fan. This song is truthful, and I love the part where she says she'd stand up and punch them out My ex said that he loved my violent side. He thought it was cute Perfect song - not only for relationships but describes how I feel about losing my best friend. Love the rhymes with powerful lyrics that just burst me into tears! Catchy and emotional refrain that says "Where'd you go? Describes the relationship between me and my dad perfectly.

Love it. That first "whoa" he sings just sends chills down my spine! Such a beautiful voice! This song is honestly by far the best "missing you" song I've heard of. It beautifully describes how awful it is to not have that specific special person by your side, and it's not begging for the lover or the special someone to come back into their life.

Although it says "Will you come home and stop this pain tonight? Afterwards they say "Don't waste your time on me you're already the voice inside my head, I miss you. It haunts them so deeply, and although they know they miss them and all, they simply state they're missing them and wish things didn't end the way they did. This song should honestly be ranked first, but I'm really happy it was ranked overall in the top ten. Lovely, perfect, The tracks on the song, produced entirely acoustic, verified by guitarist Tom Delonge, provide an atmosphere of eeriness to the track, as if you're being surrounded by sound.

The acoustic tracks all fit together seamlessly, from the chemistry between Mark and Tom's singing voices to the haunting, powerful cello. The vocals convey a mixture of emotions from regret to longing. This song is the most beautiful song I have ever heard. It is a song about missing someone that is written in a way that is not whiny and relates to people and real life in many ways.

I had never heard this song until a guy sent it to me while we were spending some time apart. I could not believe how much it touched my heart It is a very haunting, beautiful, emotional song. I contacted him after hearing this, so I guess it worked. Love this song, and I love this song. It really describes how I feel when I am missing someone who is special to me. It makes me cry sometimes, this is the first song that I have listened to about missing someone that has hit so close to home and perfectly described how I felt.

It still makes me cry every time and makes me think of my ex and makes me wish that we didn't end it. I still think about him some times and anyone who feels lonely and lost someone, I recommend this song for them to listen to. It's so sad if you just listen to it. I have spent over twelve hours of my life listening exclusively to this song, with no other songs in between. I listen to it when I miss all the people who have passed me by in life Great song, makes me think of someone in my life a man and makes me want to cry.

My favorite song eveeerr, it talks about love fading off for one person in the relationship and the other one says that is worth to fight for it. What a stunning song, simply can't stop listening to it. Every single aspect of a classic flows with this song, all the instruments mix and to form the most amazing song ever! I'm suprised this one isn't in the top ten.

This song says it all: I wish you were here. One of the best songs Pink Floyd has put out. A classic that sums up the feeling of missing someone very much. Come on!

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Why isn't this higher? Great song with amazing lyrics and instrumental work by the great Pink Floyd. Also really relates to this list. I feel offended that Avril Lavigne's "Wish you were here" is higher, but then this kind of lists mainly attracts young teenage girls. This song rocks! It makes missing someone seem so very conquerable. I wish there were more songs that had this amount of thought put into them.

Songs for people you miss

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50+ Best Songs About Missing a Loved One