Selling nitrous oxide

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A trading standards expert has warned online stores need to "take responsibility" to prevent the illicit sale of nitrous oxide. The gas - dubbed "laughing gas" or "nos" - is being sold with equipment needed to take it as a high on sites like Amazon and eBay, BBC Wales found. It is the second most commonly used recreational drug in England and Wales after cannabis. Sales are tricky to police as it has legal uses in catering and pain relief.

Nitrous oxide is sold on Amazon and eBay alongside the "crackers" and balloons used to take it.

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On social media sellers were happy to deliver around the clock. Samantha - not her real name - used nos when she was younger after a housemate bought it on Amazon. The year-old from Cardiff said: "When you're that age and everyone around you is doing it, and you're not really seeing any bad, negative impacts from it, you think, 'Oh it's fine, it's something that young people do'.

But she experienced fizzing in her nose, nausea and a tight chest after taking a substance friends bought online. Carbon dioxide is not used recreationally but inhaling it carries similar risks. Nitrous oxide has been linked to 17 deaths in the last three years, according to official statistics.

Among 16 to year-olds about one in 11 used it last year. Legislation introduced in made it illegal to sell as a high.

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Prosecutors say the law is not working because its legal uses make enforcement tricky. BBC Wales found boxes of nos canisters being sold on Amazon in a special deal including the balloons used to take it. On eBay, some "crackers" were sold alongside balloons. There were money-saving deals on bulk purchases and nos canisters advertised in the "similar sponsored items" section.

When BBC Wales searched for nitrous oxide canisters on both sites, crackers and balloons also came up in searches and were suggested by the sites' algorithms as products that could be bought with nos. Amazon has since removed the product being sold as a package of nos canisters and balloons. A spokesman said: "Those who do not will be subject to action including potential removal of their. An eBay spokesman said: "Listings encouraging illegal activity are banned from eBay's platform. Nitrous oxide is also sold through social media s. Many carry warnings against recreational use, but when a BBC Wales investigator called five sellers in Wales and south-west England, all were happy to deliver nos that night - despite the reporter saying it was for recreational use.

Caerphilly council's Tim Keohane secured one of Wales' first prosecutions of a shop for illegally selling it in August. Anyone found guilty of selling or giving away nitrous oxide for illegal purposes can face up to seven years in prison, an unlimited fine, or both. Mr Keohane said the offence was harder to prove with online vendors. They can flout the law by selling items separately or posting disclaimers against misuse. He said the drug's widespread use among the young and online sales were a "huge concern". But its legitimate uses - such as for producing whipped cream - made legislating against web distribution difficult.

Mr Keohane said: "Companies like Amazon and eBay need to take responsibility because it is so difficult to police the internet and sellers. They include breathing difficulties, increased heart rate, burns and death. How dangerous is laughing gas?

Laughing gas canisters cover beach after Pride. Festival laughing gas seller jailed.

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They thought it was nos. It was CO2. Nitrous oxide - the highs and lows. Effects include euphoria, calmness, dizziness, difficulty thinking straight, giggling and hallucinations Inhaling nitrous oxide from the canister or in an enclosed space - like with a bag over your head - is very dangerous By inhaling nitrous oxide the user risks falling unconscious or suffocating from lack of oxygen.

People have died this way If someone collapses after using nos, turn them on to their side, call and stay with them until an ambulance arrives. Source: Frank. The company said sellers must follow their guidelines. Some offered discount deals for multiple boxes. Image source, Wellcome Collection. Related Topics. More on this story. Published 31 July Published 4 August Published 14 May Published 25 April Related Internet Links.

Selling nitrous oxide

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