Self defense handguns for sale

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If you were to ask yourself what the most popular or best known service pistols on the market are, which specific makes and models of handguns come to mind? The The Browning Hi-Power. Practically any Glock. The Springfield XD. The CZ Some, such as the USP or P, can fetch a price close to a full grand.

People who need or want a full-size service pistol but who presently lack the funds to purchase those kinds of weapons listed above may believe they have found themselves in a conundrum. The Bersa Thunder 9, on the other hand, also closely resembles a Walther: the P Available in both a full-size configuration with 17 rounds and a compact model with 13 rounds, the Thunder 9 is a short recoil handgun with a steel slide and aluminum alloy frame.

It is available in a matte black, nickel, or two-tone finish with polymer wrap-around grips. The magazine release is reversible, and the safety and decocking lever is ambidextrous. The pistol also features an internal lock that can be activated with a provided security key, rendering the pistol useless should you not want burglars or children to get their hands on it. Currently serving as the duty sidearm for numerous South American countries, the Bersa Thunder 9 represents one of the most overlooked budget service pistols in production today.

One of the most well-known budget handguns produced today is the Canik TP9 series. Other models lack this feature with a SA only firing mode. Each Canik pistol ships with a Serpa-like holster and a cleaning rod to provide you with a complete kit out of the box. Like the Canik, these are also Turkish-made guns, although they are imported into the United States through European American Armory, who also import the Turkish made guns.

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The B6 has a 16 round magazine and the B6P a 13 round magazine. The standard barrel length of the B6 is 4. Both pistols are built on contract for military and police forces in Turkey, and are deed out of the factory to have an impressive 25, round service life.

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These are polymer-framed striker-fired pistols with a stainless steel slide and a Picatinny rail for mounting lights or lasers. Standard capacity on the SD9 is 16 rounds and the SD40 is 14 rounds. Nonetheless, the PT G2 is still worth mentioning because it truly is one of the best values of any handgun on the market. It also has a security lock system just like the Bersa Thunder 9 we talked about ly. The Taurus PT G2 might truly be your best best. We should all be familiar with the Beretta 92FS. But a high-quality clone of the Beretta 92 exists in the form of the Taurus PT92, and with one major improvement: the PT92 utilizes a frame-mounted safety versus the slide-mounted safety o the Beretta.

This means that the chances of inadvertently engaging the safety while racking the slide are greatly reduced with the Taurus. Furthermore, the PT92 can be carried cocked and locked because the safety and decocking positions are different unless the Beretta. The PT92 has a factory standard magazine of 17 rounds, though 15 and 18 round magazines from Mec-Gar are available.

This is a full-size duty pistol and while it is quite heavy and large for a 9mmthat also helps to tame recoil. The fixed barrel de also makes the PT92 a naturally accurate handgun.

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Last but not least is the Walther Creed. This pistol is essentially a development of the budget PPX pistol, which has since been discontinued. Coming standard with a 16 round magazine, the Creed represents an extraordinary value from Walther.

As you can see, there are numerous options for a full size or mid-sized service pistol that you can buy for under the four hundred dollar mark, and sometimes for far less than that. The guns that have been listed and discussed in this article prove that. These Cheap Options Could Work.

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Key Point: The best that are budget-friendly.

Self defense handguns for sale

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