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Saw "Relaxation Massage" listed on another site as a new erotic MP. From the address it looks like it's very near or at the airport motel. I'll try to get over that way ASAP for a followup report. Nothing there. There just has to be some local massage therapy girls who give a little 'extra' to their better return clients. Anyone care to give an old guy a tip via PM, please? Thanks in advance. Look up Irish Vixen, aka Riley in the classifed section or under body rubs on back.

Haven't seen her myself, but have heard great reviews. Thanks sweetie waiting for you to come see me. Wicked grin. Incall at her apartment. Real pics. Christine shares a minimally furnished apartment with another provider. From the looks of things she was either just moving in or getting ready to move out. Our session was good overall more on that in a bit but there were times when she seemed out of it.

And I mean waaay out of it. Setup was had a few bumps in the road but ran smoothly for the most part. The directions she gave me were simple enough but when I arrived she wasn't quite ready so I ended up standing around looking like a doofus for a good 15 minutes or so.

On to the session. I asked for an hour over the phone. She also offers a half hour massage no funny business and, as I would later find out, she also offers FS for an additional Anyhow, I had only brought the one hour donation so that's what I got. The "hour" actually lasted well over 90 minutes. She really took her time and worked out every inch of my body.

Roaming is not only allowed but encouraged, and she's completely nude during the entire time. After teasing me for quite a while, she finally hopped up on the massage table, straddled me and finished me with her hand and mouth. Service-wise it was a great time but the atmosphere and her obvious inebriation took away from the experience.

I'd probably repeat but I'm sure I'd enjoy it much more if she weren't so out of it. I agree with you Foghorn. She did seem a little spacey, Wasn't ready when I got there, and the place if nothing to brag about. But the service was nice and not rushed. She did tell me she is looking to move and possibly a new roommate so maybe a better place is coming in the future.

Incall at clean, secluded suite on North Monroe. She advertizes in the body rubs section and that's all she offers. She's a Latina in her mid 20s with bite sized tits, no tattoos and very cute imo. Set up was no problem at all, although she does mention that she has reception issues from time to time so it's possible she may not receive your call. She just asks that you call back. She's really cool and very friendly. She does allow some roaming but her rubs are topless so obviously there's no possibility of stink finger.

The massage was relaxed and at a casual pace. She took a good bit of time to work out my back, then onto my butt and legs with the periodic stroking of my johnson. Long story short, it was a very relaxing massage with a happy ending on her breasts. Aside from the massage, she's also smart as a whip and very easy going. In a nutshell I'd repeat. There's a mature blonde lady who advertizes in the massage section of back. I don't mean the bodyrubs section, I mean the actual massage section. I saw her a while ago at her office near Killearn.

She has a business card, a legit sounding company name and gave me a very nice, on the level legit massage. But my gut tells me the menu may be a bit broader. I don't want to post her ad or her name on the forum in case she actually is a purely above the board LMT. So my question is, does anyone else have any info on this lady? And by that I mean does she also offer happy endings?

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I am in need of a great massage to work out kinks and aches in my back with a treat at the end, Not just a "Body Rub". Any suggestions or recommendations? Try Riley, aka Irish Vixen. She has posts here and on BP. Has anyone heard from her or know her new ?

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I concur with this report, I think she may have the best actualy massage skills in the area, and she also has that MILF look. I have known her for years. And always had a great time! Does that mean you ahve a way to contact her?

Sorry but I don't have her currentthe last one I had was the She I'm's me on yahoo when ever she is around. I plan on trying a few that were recomended through other sources, if you have any ideas please PM me and I will do the same as I sample the local CMT's.

My first appointment is today. She called me, asking if I needed a massage. I figure wth I will roll the dice.

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Little depressing. She was a little spinner and was cute. Massage was subpar and very rushed. Don't think I would repeat. Location was so smoke ridden my clothes smelled of smoke the whole day. If anyone interested PM me. Any recommendatios for a real LMT who might be sympathetic to a surprise ending? Asian massage just opened. Parkway just past the circle. Managed to do a little recon while some guys were there working. My gut says this place is going to be strictly legit. First, it's a really high traffic area. Second, it's not the typical AMP layout with the second door and doorbell inside.

Didn't see any of the girls. We'll just have to wait and see. Kwel, no need to travel Tifton. Got a name or a ? It's funny, I logged on tonight to say that I noticed this place today. I might try them out next week. Keep us all in the loop, this sounds like a good thing.

Who ever goes let us know how it was. Scheduled a massage yesterday because I was sore from working out. The massage was awesome. Currently, Sony I think that is what she said her name was is the only massage therapist now and she is very good at what she does. A new girl will be starting this week. Sony is Chinese and speaks decent English. As for extra-curricular activities, I did not ask and did not care, because the massage was one of the best I have had in Tally. She walks on your back holding onto two bars that runs the length of the massage room above the massage table.

After the walk treatment, it becomes more conventional, back and front. The owner is an Asian male who was sitting at the front desk when I left. Interesting little find on BP this weekend. Looks like Melissafrom the stroll is moving up in the world and advertising there. Wow she looks really rough though. I knew her back inand she looked way more healthy. Details please. Did not locate anything on BP. Thanks Interesting little find on BP this weekend. Here's the ad from Melissa in BP offering body rub. It's actually was from Thursday the 11th. Anyone else go yet?

Are the showers done? Are they taking CC yet? Are they taking. CC yet? Exact location please. Sounds almost too good to be true! Did I miss the part where you told the name and location? I'm not really looking to have my toes wrapped in seaweed.

Safe sun massage spa tallahassee

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