Rules for dating my daughter list

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Both of my daughters are at that age when they start dating. It seems that good old mother nature has somehow triggered their brains to notice the opposite sex. Instead, they should expect a guy in a dented Mustang and a night at Applebees. If, by some chance, the balloon ride happens more power to you, but be realistic. No matter what we do, our little girls are going to be heading out our front door into a car with a boy.

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I was a young boy, and I know what young boys are thinking! What you will see here are ground rules for dating my daughters.

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These are rules and requirements that apply to my house and should apply in yours as well. As parents we do our best to raise girls that respect themselves and boys who respect women. Pull up your pants, if they are hanging below your ass, you will have the door closed in your face. A clean shirt and presentable appearance are crucial if you want to date my daughters. What are you hiding that you never want to be here? When you do spend time at our home I recommend you be present. Put your cell phone away and talk with us. Show some manners. If I find out you are dating someone else or cheating on her while dating my daughter, I and my wife will hunt you down and find you.

Do not break her heart. Seeing my daughters cry is one of the hardest things I face as a father. If those tears are because of you, we have a problem. You will never earn my respect by making my daughter cry or making her upset in any way. Curfews are in place for a reason, so obey them and have her home when required. Staying out later than curfew will not bode well for you and may result in immediate repercussions.

Know in advance that there will be a tracking device placed on your vehicle and that we have eyes everywhere and will find you! If you think you will be late for some unforeseen reason, have her. I am an expert on the internet. I can find out things about you, your family, your dog, whenever I need to. If I ask where you are going be upfront and tell the truth. My daughters both have a tracking device that I pay for monthly from Verizon, and it lets me know their every move.

Proper use of Life or Find My Friends is critical for accurate tracking. Get out of your car and come to the front door if you want to take her out. We are on one crazy ride of emotions, estrogen and god knows what else! Great rules! My father and mother established similar for me. It actually helped my out a lot esp with looking fine for my parents and spending some time with them nothing much, just a small talk or something.

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These are such good rules for dating your daughters. You are an amazing dad! These rules are not only great but realistic! Dating in the modern age is so much more complicated and having these simple yet essential rules are so important! The most important thing is that your girls have grown up to love themselves first, and to have confidence and respect for themselves!

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This will definitely help cut out some of the sleazy boys from the list! I am hoping that this is just a phase and we will see a return to the respect that we once saw. In time for my nieces, I hope! Loved reading Scott. Absolutely brilliant piece. Great rules — you are a wonderful dad Scott! PS: Love the little gifs after each rule! These are all fantastic rules and all of them are very valid! Great post! I would like to add one, be consistent and keep expectations realistic.

I got a guy. I love that. Laughter aside, these are fantastic rules to live by. No honking at my house. A little hypocritical in some respects.

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I know d like to think their girls are sinless beings who never have an impure thought but that is not true. Nothing wrong with the boy having a job but does that mean your daughter gets to be lazy while he bankrupts himself spending all his money on her.

Interesting how its okay for the girl not to have a contribute nothing finicially to the date. Can she still come around? Of course, this applies in reverse as well. My girls were raised to be respectful, spend time with both parents, work, and be respectful. I think its important for the parent to know who their son is dating and have expectations for how their girlfriend is to treat and act around them. I think the dad and mom a daughter need to respect the other parents as they wish to be respected.

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Our children should respect themselves and set their boundaries. I suggest you strike up a conversation and ask what their rules are. Lyosha on February 6, at pm. It actually helped my out a lot esp with looking fine for my parents and spending some time with them nothing much, just a small talk or something Reply. Ann Pape on February 7, at pm. What a great set of rules! I especially loved all the funny gifs that went along with them.

Kelly Martin on February 8, at am. Scott DeNicola on February 8, at pm. The girls do have a good head on their shoulders so that helps! Trish Veltman on February 8, at am. Britt K on February 8, at pm. I hope so too! Subhashish Roy on February 9, at am.

Smita on February 9, at pm. Luna S on February 10, at pm. Krystel Frugal Living on February 10, at pm. Scott DeNicola on February 10, at pm. Good one! I like it. Erica The Prepping Wife on February 11, at pm. Paul easton on October 9, at pm. Scott DeNicola on October 13, at pm. Paul easton on September 14, at pm. Barbara Brooke on October 21, at pm.

And the same goes for dating my son. Scott DeNicola on October 22, at pm. I only have daughters. Related Posts. Search for:. Visit Our Affiliates.

Rules for dating my daughter list

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7 Strict but Simple Rules for Dating my Daughter (I’m joking…but I’m not)