Pills with butterflies on them

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They look so innocentlike Flintstone vitamins or sugar pills. Your five-year-old would pick them up and eat them, thinking them to be just candy. They come in all shapes and colors. MDMA 3, 4 methylenedioxymethamphetaminealso called Ecstasy, XTC, X, Versace, the hug drug, the love pill, and numerous other names reflecting the various imprints on the pills, is clearly out there in far greater volume than traditional law enforcement seizures have indicated.

Customs had seized only 1, MDMA pills inthenin and this exploded into 9. MDMA is extremely popular with groups not so often encountered by law enforcement, especially narcotics officers.

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Thus, the problem has been growing rapidly during recent years, especially in the rave, techno music crowd, club scene, etc. Without a law enforcement presence on the scene party after party, many young people have lost the distinction between legal herbal ecstasy and illicit ecstasy, for example.

We need to care. It is a federal Schedule I drug because it has no approved medical use. It induces a five to seven hour euphoric effect impairment may last 12 hourscharacterized by increased activity, mood alteration and altered perception. MDMA is not a mixture of anything, but is a substance with its own chemical makeup. An element of the psychiatric world wanted to use it in their practice to open the minds of their patients, claiming that it reduced fear thresholds, opened the door to repressed memories and enable them to develop a bond with their doctors.

There is no way to know the quantitative content of a particular pill from the little test kits being sold, leading to really dangerous jumps in dosage when pills come from different sources. In recent years, Israeli organized crime syndicates, some composed of Russian immigrants associated with Russian organized crime syndicates, have established relationships with the Western European traffickers and have gained control over a ificant share of the European market. The Israeli syndicates are the primary sources to U. This is consistent with large seizures in Los Angeles, for example.

Syndicates from other countries are moving into the field too. Meanwhile, the federal sentencing guidelines on MDMA were finally upgraded in early Now pills can get you five years in federal prison it took 11, before. Common paraphernalia:. The pacifiers are often one of the numerous beaded necklaces worn around their neck or arms. Light shows and lights wands hand held or mouth size are common because visual images are also enhanced by MDMA. Dealers warm the Tootsie Rolls in hand, or in the microwave, or in the sun, unwrap them, push an MDMA pill into the roll and re-wrap it.

This is to elude detection by police. Again, to avoid detection. Rave parties typically have massage rooms and misting areas to cool users off. Tylenol or other conventional capsules in a plastic baggie or appearing damaged in any way would be an indicator. Kitty flipping is MDMA and ketamine. Hippy flipping is MDMA and mushrooms, etc. Users start with just one pill, but may increase the taken at one time due to its reduced impact per usage after the first few experiences. Some may build up tolerance to take as many as ten pills or more at one time with follow up doses during the night.

Each person now has 50 best friends. Or, perhaps more accurately, it is easy NOT to notice. You have a lot of insights into yourself, real insights, that stay with you after the experience is over. It is not a trip. But not everyone has such a wonderful experience on MDMA. MDMA is not an extremely potent stimulant, though it gives energy and sustains the user through a long session of dancing and gyrating. And, true hallucinations, except with other drugs perhaps, are not characteristic of MDMA.

In research, unknown drugs are given to an animal that is trained to recognize a certain class of drugs to see if the animal recognizes the drug being tested. Some of the animals trained to recognize amphetamines will also recognize MDMA, while some of the animals trained to recognize hallucinogens will recognize MDMA. Entactogenesis touching within —Generalized feeling of peace and happiness and goodness. Common items or sensations may be abnormally beautiful or fascinating. There is a breakdown in communication barriers, enabling the user to open up to others.

MDMA is a better socializer that getting drunk with alcohol. Sensory enhancement—Touch, vision, taste, smell, etc. Tasting and smelling may be greatly enhanced. And, Viagra is becoming more common in the scene.

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This is to counter the limp-noodle problem and because even some girls claim to be energized by taking Viagra. While users claim to find self esteem, acceptance of negative experiences, increased self-awareness, open-mindedness, immediate closeness in relationships, etc. Psychologically, it may cause anxiety, panic attacks, disorientation, depression, delusions, mood swings, lapses in memory and insomnia.

Medically, it may cause acute renal kidney failure, liver damage, convulsions and seizures, coma, stroke, hyperthermia, cerebral edema, and incontinence. As for MDMA in therapeutic use: The claims are that it opens doors in the mind enabling people to release feelings and accept others and be more open, etc. Given the vulnerable age of MDMA users, this could present a mental health danger in its own right.

Karl Jansen. Ecstasy could potentially upset the balance of the mind by releasing disturbing material from the unconscious. They are commonly related to operation of a vehicle, or may involve sudden collapses, suicide or unusual activity such as climbing an electrical utility tower.

He comments that the autopsies reveal striking changes to the liver, brain and heart. The following are representative of MDMA related deaths. Users need to drink water continuously to stay hydrated. She was hanging on the back of the boat platform; she laid her head back and went underwater. She was found two days later; official cause of death was cardiac arrhythmia. An accident this spring involved four Asian female teens from the Walnut area of Los Angeles returning home from a rave.

Two died and two were badly injured when the car suddenly just drove off the road. It was about the third time she had tried the drug. Demetrius DuBose, former professional football player, had alcohol, cocaine and MDMA in his blood at the time he was shot and killed by San Diego police on July 24, Buffalo, New York, Junetwo overdoses on MDMA left a year-old female recovering and a year-old female dead after taking it in a nightclub. He was taken out into the cold night air to cool down but died.

In Boulder, Colorado, an MDMA pill given as a 16th birthday present resulted in death from hyponytremia drinking too much water, trying to cool off from the drugs effects, and flooding life-sustaining sodium from the system. MDMA causes lasting damage to the nerves that produce serotonin, an important chemical messenger in the human brain that is associated with mood and personality traits, according to the research. Some amount of the damage may regenerate within six or seven years, but the rest is permanent. While risk of death is real, the real threat may be potential damage to long-term mental health.

One in ten could be affected. Ecstasy is one of the most pernicious and damaging drugs available—and at the same time the second most popular drug in use. One female who had taken ecstasy nearly every weekend for six years, starting at age 13, told Etchingham that she started to suffer panic attacks and severe depression, becoming a basket case for her mother to care for, on and off anti-depressants, in and out of doctors offices.

Her serotonin levels were found to be two thirds below normal. Her doctors expect her to be on medication for the rest of her life. Another British study, by Drs. Their work suggests that MDMA disrupts the sensitive clock mechanism in the brain by damaging cells that contain serotonin. The say the research indicates that once a serotonin pathway is disrupted, it can never repair itself.

The drug is linked to mood disorders, depression and sleep disruption and resulted in an inability to reset body clocks to certain stimuli. MDMA is widely abused across the country, most commonly at rave parties, college campuses and in the club scene. The nicknames for it are as varied as the shapes, colors and imprints you may see. MDMA may come in powder form or in capsules, but most commonly it is in pressed pills. The imprints are generally cartoon characters, business logos, animals, initials, or shapes such as mushrooms or hearts.

The pills may be any shape and any color. They are often small white round pills, but may be pink or orange or blue or green, etc. They may be of fine milled texture or may have a more coarse texture with multi-shaded color. The nicknames used generally describe the imprint or color and shape. Blue and white capsules may be called Smurfs, for example. Pills with the imprint of a crown are called Crowns or Royals.

They are commonly hidden by mixing them with colorful candies. A Drug Lesson Worth Remembering. Search this site:. Common paraphernalia: --Tootsie roll pops any lollipops on a stick and baby pacifiers —because MDMA causes teeth grinding. The psychological effects of MDMA include: Entactogenesis touching within —Generalized feeling of peace and happiness and goodness.

MDMA abuse very widespread MDMA is widely abused across the country, most commonly at rave parties, college campuses and in the club scene. Who's online There are currently 0 users and 4 guests online. Share with Friends. Kyle Hagmann.

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Pills with butterflies on them

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