Nurofen plus withdrawal symptoms

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Nurofen Plus is a non-prescription painkiller containing codeine and ibuprofen. People can become physically and psychologically dependent on the over-the-counter drug, and develop a Nurofen Plus addiction as a result of the opiate drug - codeine - which is included in the tablets. If you are concerned about yourself or are worried that someone you know may have a Nurofen Plus addictionwe have highlighted the s and symptoms that could point to a drug problem.

When someone is dealing with a Nurofen Plus addiction, they are likely to experience the following:. A person with a Nurofen Plus addiction is also at risk of misusing other drugs containing codeine in an attempt to ward off withdrawal symptoms. They may visit different chemists to obtain several non-prescription drugs containing codeine.

When someone has a Nurofen Plus addiction, they will likely take large quantities of the drug in order to prevent withdrawal. For example, it can leave them exposed to toxic doses of ibuprofen, which can lead to irreversible and sometimes fatal liver damage, stomach issues such as ulcers and bleeding, as well as an increased risk of heart attack due to ibuprofen. The overuse of Nurofen Plus also comes with the risk of overdose.

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Overdoses can lead to respiratory failure, and can be fatal. When withdrawing from Nurofen Plus, common early withdrawal symptoms include:. It recommended that withdrawing from Nurofen Plus takes place in a medically managed environment. By having a specialist team oversee the process, this ensures that the detoxification is carried out in a safe and controlled manner, where symptoms are monitored and mitigated.

At Priory, our medically-assisted withdrawal detoxification programme provides people with hour care and support in a safe and secure environment, complete with private rooms. With round-the-clock care from our expert detox teams, a person can rid their body of addictive substances as comfortably as possible in a carefully controlled setting.

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We understand that the idea of moving away from a Nurofen Plus addiction can be scary. At Priory rehab clinics, we can provide people with the support they need move past their addiction, so that they are able to regain motivation and drive in the areas of their life that have been left behind or ignored.

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Following on from a medically managed detoxification, we recommend that a person undertakes an Addiction Treatment Programme at Priory. This residential stay gives a person the opportunity to focus entirely on addressing their addiction, away from the distractions of the outside world. Through workshops, group therapy and personal reflective sessions, a person can address the underlying causes and triggers for their addictive behaviours, and learn strategies for a long-lasting recovery.

We are committed to helping people maintain abstinence, which is why we provide comprehensive relapse plans and personalised aftercare to everyone who goes through our programme. We also offer day care and outpatient support, as well as a free month aftercare service to those who undergo our Addiction Treatment Programme, to help people as they start to rebuild their relationships and responsibilities.

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Nurofen plus withdrawal symptoms

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Codeine Withdrawal: What It Is and How to Cope