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The city of Charleston wants a group of women planning a topless protest in the West Virginia capital not to hold the event Saturday. Click isupportlocal for more information on supporting our local journalists.

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The mayor of the city of Charleston said Wednesday afternoon he wants a group of women planning a topless protest for downtown on Saturday to hold the event on a different day. Wednesday night, after discussion among themselves, the organizers said they had no plans to change the date of the event. They said that they would, however, push the protest from 5 p. Organizers want to defy the expectation that women must wear shirts and bras, lest other people become aroused or offended. Protest organizers orginally had planned the event for Capitol Street, but already had agreed to move it to Summers or Court, to accommodate the city.

Starks posted earlier this week, in the Facebook event, that the mayor had spoken to her and said the city would support the protest. Following their meeting, the organizers released a statement. They plan to hold the protest at p. Saturday, beginning on Summers Street. I would want to protect people like this.

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I would request they not do it this weekend. Anything can happen. The vast majority are not. Also, many of us are one paycheck away from being homeless in West Virginia, which is in an economic downturn. It could be you and me. DeKeseredy, whose research focuses on violence against women, lived in Ontario, Canada, during a similar movement there. He noted that toplessness among women is common in many other countries.

When I first heard about it, I thought it was funny. Reach Erin Beck at erin. Sorryan error occurred. Get Started.

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Your purchase was successful, and you are now logged in. Edit Close. Toggle Menu. Don't have an ? Up Today. Buy Now. AP file photo. Learn more about HD Media. The group met Wednesday evening, to make posters and other supplies for Saturday. Jones said police were reaching out to protest organizers Wednesday afternoon.

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Naked wives in norfolk virginia

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