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If you have pancreatitis, a condition involving inflammation in the pancreas, you may wonder if cannabidiol CBD can help. But does it actually work? Keep reading to learn what the research says, and find out how to spot a quality CBD product. Although the research is still limited, there are some studies related to CBD and pancreatitis symptoms. CBD has the potential to reduce inflammation in the body, which may be useful for pancreatitis.

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The mice were treated with CBD, which helped reduce inflammation. Peripheral neuropathy is a disorder that happens when nerves are damaged or inflamed. It can cause pain and numbness and is sometimes associated with chronic pancreatitis. The study found that acute neuropathic pain was lowered in study participants who applied CBD topically.

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The researchers suggested that CBD is not only well-tolerated, but that it may also be a useful alternative to traditional treatments for peripheral neuropathy. As ly mentioned, nausea and vomiting are common symptoms of pancreatitis. A animal study found that CBD lowered vomiting and nausea in rats and shrews. The CBD was given subcutaneously, or under the skin. However, a study on mice found that CBD at very high doses milligrams of CBD per kilogram of body weight has the potential to cause liver damage.

CBD may interact with some medications. Only Epidiolexa prescription medication that treats two rare forms of epilepsyis FDA approved. Talk with your doctor about the best approach for you. However, there are a few case studies on possible links between pancreatitis and cannabis. A case study and review looked at an year-old woman who was hospitalized with acute pancreatitis.

She reported smoking cannabis twice weekly over a 2-month period. Similarly, a case study and review noted that a year-old man who was hospitalized with acute pancreatitis used cannabis daily. Both case studies concluded that cannabis may contribute to acute pancreatitis. Though, much more research is needed, as case studies are little better than anecdotes and a far cry from the gold standard randomized controlled trial. CBD tinctures can be absorbed directly under your tongue, offering faster. The sugar in a gummy and the fat content in some CBD tinctures that use fat as a carrier, can stimulate your pancreas to release digestive enzymes, which can worsen symptoms of acute pancreatitis.

The entourage effect theory suggests that full-spectrum CBD may work best, but the type you choose is ultimately up to you. Like we mentioned, CBD comes in many forms. How you take it depends on the type. You may choose to eat your CBD by consuming gummies or other edibles or by mixing CBD oil into your favorite food or drink.

Some people choose to apply their CBD dose right under their tongue for faster absorption.

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Others choose to apply it topically using a creamlotionor ointment. If you choose to use an oil taken under your tongue, use the included dropper. Place the oil under your tongue and hold it there for at least 30 seconds before swallowing. Absorption rates and appropriate dosages will depend on the type of product you decide to use, serving sizes, and other individual factorslike:.

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As you can guess, finding the perfect dosage for you may take some time. Start with the lowest dose you can, and work up from there if needed. Be sure to talk with your doctor for recommendations as well. Some are made using high quality practices and are tested for purity and safety, while others are not. There are treatment options for pancreatitis that are backed by more research than CBD.

Generally, treating acute or chronic pancreatitis requires hospitalization. There, your pancreas can heal as you receive supportive care, like IV fluids or a feeding tube.

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During your hospital stay, you may also receive medication for pain management. Relaxation techniques, like deep breathingmeditationand yogamay also help improve your symptoms. Although research around CBD and pancreatitis is limited, some animal and human studies suggest it may be able to help reduce inflammation, nausea, and vomiting — all of which are often associated with pancreatitis. Is CBD Legal?

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Hemp-derived CBD products with less than 0. Marijuana-derived CBD products are illegal on the federal level, but are legal under some state laws. Breanna Mona is a writer based in Cleveland, OH. These are some of the best CBD tinctures and oils to fight inflammation. Besides CBD, they contain other beneficial ingredients that may reduce…. Some people use CBD to combat nausea and vomiting. Learn what the research says and get our take on some of the best CBD products for nausea. There are three types of CBD, and tons of different products. We review the research and safety information.

Drinking enough water can help you burn fat and increase your energy levels. This explains exactly how much water you should drink in a day. Health Conditions Discover Plan Connect. What does the research say about CBD and pancreatitis? Is CBD safe to use for pancreatitis? Can CBD cause or worsen pancreatitis?

How do you use CBD? How can you find a quality CBD product? What are some other treatment options for pancreatitis? When to see a doctor. The takeaway. Read this next.

Mind body green online dating

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CBD for Pancreatitis: Research and Efficacy