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Farah would watch her brothers leave the house, play outside and make friends, all behind latched doors and closed windows. The world outside was strange and unknown to me, and no one talked to me or my older sister. She worked alongside her older sister. After a while, I stopped trying to make friends. For most of her childhood, Farah was one of the Most of those children are girls, leading to a void of educated Pakistani women: in some parts of the country, up to 75 percent of women have not completed primary school.

My mother told me school was a place to learn, write, calculate and become a better human being. She told me that come what may, she would find a way to send me to school. Regardless of such statistics, Farah — and her mother, Basheeran — knew she needed to be in the classroom. If she could, Basheeran said, she would send all her children to school. Once Farah enrolled in school, her father and older brother left the home in protest.

Once at school, she finally began making friends — and today, she walks to and from school with them. The girls study and play together, and Farah often goes to their houses or invites her friends to her house to pass the time.

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On the 30 th anniversary of the Convention of the Rights of the Child, the commitment to children throughout the world needs to be reaffirmed so that girls like Farah can go to school and live life to their fullest potential. My uncle says I should not be scared of anyone anymore.

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Know everything behind Pakistani meme about friendship that broke the internet