Los angeles metal roofing

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We have been providing roofing services here in the Los Angeles area for more than 85 years and we are the best standing seam metal roofer in the area. This will enable you to make a wise and informed investment, because it truly is an investment from a longevity perspective as well as an aesthetic perspective.

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It is important to point out that, even if you have a different type of roof currently, your roof can be retrofitted to accommodate a standing seam metal roof. Unsurprisingly, a standing seam metal roof is made of metal.

These metal sheets are made from various kinds of metals and metal blends.

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Zinc, aluminum and steel are the most commonly used metals. The main roofing component is metal sheets that come in various, customizable widths and lengths. Think of a very wide and shallow square U, that is the basic shape of the standing seam metal sheets.

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Two of these metal sheets are ed together lengthwise so any precipitation will run smoothly down the surface. A special seaming tool is used to create a seam that is elevated above the sheet. The elevation above the sheet surface, and the tightness of the seam prevents water intrusion. It is also possible to improve the water tightness by adding a butyl seal.

By now, you probably realize why this method is called a standing seam metal roof. Generally, the width of the metal panels vary between 12 inches and 19 inches. The length of a sheet is virtually unlimited. This means that your roof will have absolutely zero horizontal seams. The sheets are fastened to the roof with seam fasteners.

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The seam fasteners vary in height. Generally the lowest ones measure at about 0. Apart from the very obvious function of securely fastening the roofing sheets to the structure, seam fasteners also play a very important role in allowing for thermal movement that naturally occurs as a result of the expansion and contraction as the metal heats up or cools down.

Pasadena might not experience sub-zero temperatures, but the hot summers of Los Angeles means that there will be quite a bit of thermal movement.

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If this movement was not allowed for, the screws would be worked loose over time. Installing a standing seam metal roof will mean the end of most of your roofing issues for many years to come. JN Davis Roofing provides superior quality and guaranteed work done by experienced craftsmen.

Give us a call at or us at hello jndavis. Davis Roofing is an "essential business" and we are open.

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Los angeles metal roofing

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