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Highlighting the people, culture, food and pride that make KC the best place to be. Company culture isn't born overnight. It's the long fought journey where vision meets humanity and incredible daily experiences are made. Culture is what makes the commonplace happenings of daily life become something artful, meaningful and rewarding. These guys are awesome. On paper they are a leading web-based technology provider for the self storage industry, but we quickly figured out that they are way more than that.

When we got to the heart of RNL, we found an environment where talent is rewarded, ambition is applauded and every day work is actually fun.

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What we found at RNL inspired a collaboration that ultimately led to this list. Together with RNL, we set out to find the companies that are waging war on boring work life. These 12 companies are pioneers, not just in business, art and technology, but they are pioneers in finding spectacular moments in everyday life.

Matthew Hufft and his team blow our minds a little bit. They are architects, craftsmen, deers and artists. The work that the team produces is nothing short of genius. But it is the philosophy, the passion and the purpose that goes into the work that puts them on this list. Their vision is to close the gap between disciplines and create a collaborative environment that allows creativity to breath life into modern building de. The Hufft location is absolutely striking and brings a wood studio, metal studio and de studio onto one floor with only glass walls separating them.

There is this feeling that Hufft Projects is still just getting started and we're looking forward to seeing where their culture le them.

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Oddly has made several of our lists for roasting some of the best coffee in town. They make this list though, for something you wouldn't always expect from a coffee shop. Gregory Kolsto started Oddly with a small but mighty team in and he recently talked in an interview with Sprudge about the importance of culture to his shop.

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We want a culture as a company that allows people rest, play, opportunity for growth, and time with family, so we have limited hours, limited menu, everything. VML is an ad agency. Exposed brick, pool tables, neon beer s and overgrown beards are right at home inside their three KC locations. The agency is an everyday party with beer on tap, rooftop and patio space and open office layouts.

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It is the leadership though that defines VML culture. VML leaders have been recognized both locally and nationally for their philanthropy, innovation and thought leadership. VML is on a 20 year winning streak in Kansas City and from our view there isn't an end in sight. The center hosts a variety of ways to facilitate the loving and learning of cooking, including classes, demonstrations and interactive cooking parties.

The company is focused on holistic health for its employees and offers subsidized yoga and gym memberships. The engineering consulting firm is employee-owned and boasts one of the best stock-ownership plans of any company nationwide.

Associates rank the company as one of the most rewarding companies they have ever worked for and employee stock ownership program fosters a culture of a strong sense of ownership among associates. This small-but-mighty public relations, media and marketing shop is turning he for its innovative culture.

The approach they take with their clients has been clear: build relationships grounded on trust, commitment and creativity, and the will speak for themselves. Their commitment to the community is just as strong as their commitment to their clients and associates. Netchemia is a technology company that is taking on the tough challenge of improving education across our country.

Their technology solution helps schools find, retain and track their teachers to help them perform better over time. The Netchemia culture is centered around a passion for change but they do lots of little things in there office to create a culture where people can enjoy what they do. The 'healthy and happy' committee plans regular outings to Royals and Sporting games and happy hours happen organically as a way to get out and swap fresh ideas.

At the end of the day, the people at Netchemia are dedicated to one of our culture's most pressing needs and that passion is driving some pretty exciting culture and opportunity.

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Or free Internet? From software engineers to project managers, Google Fiber KC is hiring local experts to help reshape and revolutionize the way people connect to the web. The employees of CHCA represent a collective voice of children's hospitals nationally. These people are passionate healthcare and are making a difference for kids in the moments they need it. Employees are an integral part to bringing safe pediatric health care breakthrough products to market and launching groundbreaking shared-services programs for hospitals across the nation.

Just to name a few. Populous is the genious behind many of the world's most famous sporting venues and several of our local masterpieces as well. They've been innovating for more than 30 years which really says something on its own. It's fun to watch new companies find themselves, but sometimes it is just as fascinating to watch grown up companies stay on the bleeding edge.

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Populous has built culture of innovation on the idea that its buildings are about more than just entertainment, they are about deing a gathering place for urban communities and transforming local economies. Populous has a full suite of great company benefits but their 'opening day' might just top them all.

When each new stadium holds its opening day, the employees that worked on the project are sent with their families to experience their masterpiece in person. The Utilitarian Workshop is a retail space, de shop and cultural center for communal thought and collaboration in Kansas City. John Anderson and Nicole Williams aren't just fostering a culture for their own company, they are carrying something for the whole city. Their des range from spaces like Port Fonda to heirloom furniture pieces in homes across our city.

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Anderson and Williams have set a culture of re-thinking everything, going back to what really matters and putting passion back into just making things. After years of deing furniture and spaces, they opened their retail shop in the Westside. Their art and collaboration with other local makers might just re-define the way that retail is done in Kansas City. Keep your eye on these guys. Arlen Wickstrum and Carmen Gramajo have worked together to create a culture where that has put them into a class of their own in Kansas City.

The idea that they seem to breath in and out is that they can bring a little bit of joy into people lives through what they do. That means that customers are treated to a completely different stylist experience than most are used to. The staff takes their creative position seriously and have worked together to make the Skyline something pretty remarkable.

In the end, our search has lead us to a fairly simple conclusion. Culture isn't something you buy. It's something you inspire, imagine and work for. It isn't just KC's biggest companies that are winning the culture game, in fact, those companies have a lot to learn from the innovators, startups and ping pong masters popping up all over our town.

Finding Kansas City. Finding Kansas City Highlighting the people, culture, food and pride that make KC the best place to be. Hufft Projects. Oddly Correct. Culinary Center of Kansas City. Parris Communications.

Google Fiber. Child Health Corporation of America. Utilitarian Workshop. Skyline Downtown Salon. The Story Behind IG: FindingKC. .

Looking to Kansas City Missouri or suck

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