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Lakewood is rich in history and stories — and some of the most interesting ones come from unexpected places. Here are stories submitted by the friends and families of Lakewood in honor of our th. Thank you to all of you who have shared a story so far! Share your favorite Lakewood photos through our submission form at the bottom of theor tag us on Instagram at mylakewoodstory. Use the prompts below for inspiration. Lakewood Stories. When I finally did pass through the massive gates, I was amazed at the beauty within—and how comfortable and welcomed I felt.

While the big event was very beautiful and cool, the personal workshop experience was particularly moving. I made this mini mandala as I reflected on the loss of my mother, a colorful artist herself who brought so much creativity, joy and love to our lives. Being able to reflect on her ificance while creating this temporary tribute to her was such a gift. And sharing stories with others in our group who were dealing with their own heartache—and creatively expressing and transforming it—was an experience I will never forget.

I can remember Grandma and I would make weekly trips to Lakewood to care for the flowers planted in the family urn.

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Grandma told me I was in charge of watering. As I walked, I would read the names on the markers and wonder what their lives were like. At that early age, going to Lakewood to care for flowers was just a chore interrupting my childhood play time.

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Now looking back, it was much more than a chore, it was a lesson taught by my Grandmother to learn to memorialize our loved ones and keep them close to our heart. I cherish the peace and serenity that Lakewood offers its guests. When he passed away from cancer it seemed only logical that he should be forever at Lakewood — a place that he was proud to share with many. When I visit, I find peace at the sundial, and my favorite memory is attending concerts in the chapel. The office doors were massive and the counter was high and imposing to a year-old kid!

Their plot was just south of the cannon [at the GAR Memorial], and sometimes I would ride over to look at it and try to imagine its history. I still have an interest in history and ran the streetcars at Lake Harriet for 23 years. My wife and I bought a plot just across the road from my parents several years ago. Brad died when he was just 3 years old.

My Dad acquired the graves for Brad about Brad was by himself for years but now there is his Dad, Mom, sister and Grandma with him. My sister decorated the graves for years, but now I have Lakewood decorate on July 4th and Christmas. I am just glad that I could add a tribute to them. Last summer I went to visit her and saw a huge eagle sitting on a branch over the pond. He was very close to me. He sat there for a very long time.

It was awesome! I had never seen an eagle before! She died when I was four years old, and was buried at Lakewood Cemetery. I am now seventy-six years old, and I have been coming to Lakewood Cemetery with my family on Memorial Day ever since. My father died fifty years later than my mother, and he was buried right next to her.

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I miss them both dearly. My great aunt, who cared for me right after my mother died, and her husband are also buried nearby. Lakewood Cemetery is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I know. I love to walk and slowly drive around inside the cemetery. And by doing so, what strikes me most is an awareness of a certain singularity that is surrounded by a sea of differences. The singularity is the regular display, etched or carved in stone, of dates that depict the lifespans of those interred. The differences are the locations, sizes, shapes, colors, artworks, and names on the monuments that are displayed throughout the grounds.

Taken together, they evoke a consciousness of the temporary and finite quality of life itself, and of the permanent and infinite quality of an expired life. That consciousness produces an aura of the sacred. This was in or so. During the same excursions, I would play along the trolley tracks south of 42nd St. I was sitting behind a woman who had lost her sister to breast cancer and was there with her daughter, they pushed their lantern out and both got very emotional. Being so close to that raw emotion, and hearing the beautiful bagpipes, and watching the sunset — I got chills and felt overcome with emotion myself.

Everyday when I am on the grounds, I think about the history of all those that have came here to say goodbye to those they love. It makes me feel connected to older generations of my own family, people that I never met- but that I know walked on the same ground I do. The first time I drove a car was in Lakewood. In high school, I took my senior photos in Lakewood. Photo: Senior photo It is without a doubt a beautiful and peaceful resting place. Nearby are an aunt and uncle, and great-aunt and uncle.

My story I started coming to walk Lakewood after Covid started last spring. I have enjoyed learning about the history and beauty. I now have a standing Saturday morning walk with a few friends that we will keep going even after Covid. Love all the seasons! From sledding at Lyndale Farmstead Park as child, to driving around the Chain of Lakes with my friends as a teenager, to a photo shoot at the Lake Harriet Rose Gardens on my wedding day… Lakewood has literally been the visual backdrop of so many happy memories!

We love that Lakewood offers opportunities for my family to remember loved ones who have passed, but also offers events like lantern lighting and Music in the Chapel to help my family make new memories with those who are still living. Thank you, Lakewood!

Years later, when she died from a rare form of breast cancer, the most logical choice was that she should be buried at Lakewood.

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Who could have imagined that others would lose loved ones to another pandemic exactly years later! Bill, my husband a few feet away. It brings comfort to think of them resting together in a place of beauty and peace. My dad was interested in genealogy and visiting the graves of our ancestors. My parents particularly liked the beauty and history of Lakewood. We would drive around the cemetery noting the many beautiful monuments and historic mausoleums along with the plots of many famous Minnesotans.

We loved walking near the lake and seeing all the wildlife that surrounded it. My parents are now buried not too far from the grave of Hubert H. Ironically enough, there are two couples that lived on our block in South Mpls that are now buried within yards of my parents. They remain neighbors even in death. Even now, I like to drive around the cemetery with my children after visiting my parents to take in the beauty and history of such an iconic part of Mpls.

The woman corrected me by explaining she wanted the worker to tell her grandfather the flowers were from his family because they could not be there. Now think about how death and remembrance cross all man-made boundaries. This woman, who was Hmong, asked me in English my primary language to tell I hope nothing was lost in translation! Bogle Co. He sold most of the markers, monuments and mausoleums that are in Lakewood today.

He brought me to the cemetery many times as. My favorite monument is Elk's Rest. My grandparents and parents are all buried in Lakewood now. His company is gone and replaced with an apartment building. It makes me feel connected to all of them and not alone. It is such a beautiful, peaceful cemetery! My husband and I have both pre-purchased our plots to ensure we are buried there as well. We have since moved away but still return to visit and place flowers in memory of my parents.

My story So many memories!! We live in the neighborhood and have enjoyed driving through and taking in this beautiful spot. In college, I did a project taking pictures of the statuary. As I grew older and had kids, we would wander the grounds.

Love it here!! My grandpa died in and donated his body to the U of MN program. He has always been selfless in his sacrifice and love. She was born in and buried in We celebrate loved ones by… Our family always comes to Lakewood to visit those we love and miss. We also eat their favorite foods in honor of them and like to go through old photos and home videos.

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My favorite Lakewood memory Walking the grounds with my family on a beautiful spring day. My story I drove Jones-Harrison Res. It was always an annual event driving through Lakewood. I will be the last to be buried on the lot.

Although the U. Air Force Honor Guard and Funeral Director wore face masks, the graveside flag folding ceremony remained reverent and poignant on Lakewood Cemetery grounds, which remain striking even with bare trees and frigid air. We worried a bit about elderly relatives navigating the frozen ground to walk the slight incline to the gravesite.

However, the Lakewood team made sure the snow was removed for the interment, creating a safe walking path for our group. I've also discovered that several of my husband's older family members are buried there or in the mausoleum. I like to put flowers or stones on the markers and keep the grass from covering them. I walk at Lakewood times a week, and I have taken quite a few photos there.

Photo credit: Kristy Shubert-North. So much family history in one place. My favorite memory of Lakewood is when I wasour family would walk to Lakewood from our home on Pillsbury Ave. I remember it as such a beautiful place. My husband and I, I like to think that I will be back near the family, in a place with so many memories.

At the end of the ceremony, the sky gave some lighting moments back to us. A distant storm was brewing. The ceremony was a very real comfort during our time of mourning. Shortly after my husband died I made a trip to the cemetery at the height of spring. The blossoming trees, the tulip gardens and the lake were stunning.

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Thank you for such a beautiful place to visit during some difficult days. My grandparents lived on Linden Hills Blvd and entered the cemetery through there. My Great Grandmother asked to be buried in that corner so she could hear the band concerts, and she has been listening to them since Her husband ed her in Christopherson, a Norwegian immigrant was a blacksmith and a proud member of the Brotherhood Railway Carmen of America.

Looking for mature granny in long Lakewood

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