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Includes instructionsflux and magmente-lifting power,air magnetic area of contact, ; Unit retentivity end field holder, le, clips and eyebolts. Foretells weather changes from 12 to 24 hours Excellent for Hygrometer calibrated in percent relative humidity. Instrument teaching weather phenomena and meterological hobby work.

Dials, in cases heavily metalized- combines beauty and protection. Full instructions. No film or negatives needed. Projects charts. Operates 12" x 8" x included. Size bulb. Weight 1 lb. Same unit as provides endless additional projects with everchanging kaleidoscope patterns. Swer-HP No. Great ideal Fascinating fun and sometimes tremendously profitable Tie a line to our 5 -lb. Magnet-drop it overboard in bay, river, lake or ocean.

Troll it along the bottom -your "treasure" haul can be outboard motora, anchors, fishing tackle.

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Lifts over lbs. Order now and try this new sport. Magnet Stock No. Lifts 40 Iba New, low -cost miniature, high intensitlamp give. Smallest camera subjects brilliantly illuminated without glare, true colors spring to life. Uses inexpensive I2 -volt auto bulb GE ' yrt gives light bulb, full 33 candle -pourer. Use for euivalent to -wattinspecting prints and negatives. Also rouser work beside camera, in any room. Durable black metalford. Reflector 2:! Completely New Edition. Nearly Unusual Bargains. Postpaid Stock No. Etched glass ri liete insures accuracy. Won't bend or wary. Clear cell admits light.

Magnifier can be focused and locked.

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Id Stock No. Fascinating new a. Linear, 'trcular and thickness scales for checking layouts. Low operating ings protecting user from contact with for use with electrolytic typex ell suited voltage - to -V. Both Volt and Volt lines. Will measure current consumption amperes while the appliance under test is in operation. Incorporates a sensitive direct reading resistance range which will measure all resistances commonly used in electrical appliances, motors, etc. Also will locate poor grounds, breaks in wiring, poor connections, etc.

This typical iron takes '7 amperes Good. Learn by doing. Just read the following partial list of contents: W 'What is electricity? Simplified wattage How to meas. Control circuits of most furnaces use 24 volts obtained from step down transformer. Here's how to check room thermostat to see if. How to test all TV tubes: also simple procedure for determining which specific tube or tubes Is causing. How to trace trouble in the electrical circuits and parts In automobiles and trucks. If not satisfactory, I may return for cancellation of. Your own 2-way radio for Business or Personal use!

Rugged and reliable transistors, 4 diodes.

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Excellent receiver sensitivity and selectivity. Automatic "squelch" control. Double conversion receiver- set-and -forget "Volume" and "Squelch" controls. Editorial, business and subscription offices: Park Ave. Add 75c per year for postage outside the U. Advertising offices: New York, Park Ave. Michigan Ave. Eight St. Louis, CH1. Second class postage paid at New York, New York and at additional mailing office.

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Copyright by Science and Mechanics Publishing Co. DeVry sends the type of materials you need for learning electrcnics at home. You build and keep 1 a modern 5 -inch oscilloscope and 2 a portable transistorized meter. Use these on the job or to make money as you learn. You work construction and test procedures with our exclusive "Electro- Lab ". Modern lessons No. Let us put our more than 30 years of "know -how" behind you today to help you prepare for a lot of brighter, more prosperous tomorrows.

Send coupon for 2 FREE booklets today. Send For 2 Booklets Today! I am interested In the following opport. Ontario City. Use low heat for soldering, and a pair of long -nose pliers to hold the wire. Pliers act as a heat sink and prevent overheating. Can you afford this sum to save only a fraction of a mile per gallon of gas over the long haul?

Can you afford the price of a. I doubt it. One provides low heat for electronic connections; the other gives high heat when needed. You switch instantly to the right temperature for the job. The greatest time -saver in hi -fi kit building is a Weller Dual Heat Gun.

Tip heats inno waiting. Spotlight illuminates stantly your work. Long reach tip gets into tight spots and permits soldering with pinpoint accuracy. Weller Electric Corp. Transistorized ignition systems can be one of three types in which transistors serve as switches to aid or replace the contact breaker points of the conventional ignition system. Type one retains the contact breaker points to control the system, type two is controlled magnetically, and type three is a capacitordischarge system.

Type one is the most common and is the type available for use on existing cars, so it is the type that concerns us here. Like the larger 5" round speaker for better sound a built -in rod antenna for broadcast band reception plus unbalanced input for external antenna Covers kc To 30 me in 4 Bands! Includes broadcast plus 3 shortwave bands. The lighted 7" dial also has a logging scale for quick, easy station selection.

As shown in the diagram, current from the battery is controlled by the contact breaker points on its way to the coil where it is built up to high voltage. From the coil it returns to the distributor which directs it to the correct spark plug. The transistorized system uses the points only to time the transistor which switches the current on and off for the coil. Otherwise it is basically similar to the conventional system. menu.

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ed by. The claimed advantages for the transistor system are that the points carry a far lower current than they do with the conventional system. Thus point burning, common at about 10, miles with the conventional system, rarely, if ever, occurs with a transistorized system. So the points in the new system will last about 30, miles. Great, but let's look at the situation a little more closely. Solve the most complex math problems Engineering Slide Rule -cube roots -logarithms quickly, easily.

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