Live chat with doctors free

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The one-on-one conversation takes place in real time as you and the provider type in questions and answers. We have a multidisciplinary team consisting of Doctors, Pharmacists and Nutritionist who can provide you with individualized advice on various health issues which now includes your radiological imaging and haematological investigations as well as the best course s of action in respect of your concerns.

At Doctor2U, we care very much about lowering your healthcare costs and we have decided to provide this Live Chat service for FREE and will continue to do so. All Doctors, Pharmacists and Nutritionists on Doctor2U are duly certified and accredited by the relevant Malaysian qualification agencies.

We take great pride in ensuring that our users have a good experience on our platform and as such we go great lengths to ensure that every Doctor2U healthcare provider has a good track record of practice.

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Our customer support team is also ready to help if you any problem connecting Live Chat. The Doctor who is immediately available on our platform will attend to and answer your query. There is no option to select the attending Doctor on the Live Chat feature, but you can be rest assured that all of our Doctors are duly registered and qualified under the Malaysian laws. We aim to connect you with a healthcare provider as soon as possible on our Live Chat feature. As a general rule, you can expect to receive a reply within 5 minutes from the posting of your query.

From there, you can then choose to be redirected to our Live Chat feature, where you can consult one of our experienced Doctors to talk you through your. We will not charge you for this. At Doctor2U, we take your problems and concerns very seriously.

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Should a complex health issue arise which cannot be solved over the Live Chat, we recommend that you consult a Doctor via our Video Consultation or Doctor House Call features. This is highly unlikely to happen, given the of Doctors that we have on board with us.

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However, should there be a technical or server problem, please do not hesitate to contact our Doctor2U support team who will be ready to assist you with any of your concerns. Please note that whilst we will make a concerted effort to provide you with the best possible healthcare advice, our Live Chat is not a substitute for a visit with your healthcare professional.

Any reliance upon or use of the information provided via the Live Chat is at your own independent discretion and risk. In case of conflicting opinion, please discuss the issue with you personal doctor and decide accordingly. The maximum file size that can be ed is 40MB. If an error occurs, please do not hesitate to contact our Doctor2U support team, either through the Live Chat itself or via phone, who will guide you through the process.

Ask our Healthcare Professionals.

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You may medical reports and images to help our healthcare professionals better understand your query. If a diagnosis or treatment is needed, you may use our Doctor House Call feature to request for a Doctor who will visit you within 60 minutes. You may also photos or your medical reports to enable our healthcare professionals to better understand any of your health conditions. If your condition is serious, you have the option of requesting for a Doctor through our app at the push of a button via the Doctor House Call feature or consult a Doctor via video through our Video Consultation feature.

At Doctor2U, we want and aim to provide you with a seamless and hassle-free healthcare experience from the comfort of your home. Instead of searching for answers on Google, you can now consult our qualified healthcare professionals at your convenience for FREE. Chat one on one with a qualified doctor, anytime, anywhere. What is and how do I benefit by using the Live Chat?

Who is on the team? How does Doctor2U decide on which doctor shall answer my query? How will I get a response? I have just viewed my medical on the "Online " feature. Can I consult a Doctor on the same? Can I my medical that are issued by third party providers? Yes — our qualified doctors are here to assist you in every possible way.

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What if no one answers my question? What if there are conflicting opinions between my personal doctor and the Live Chat? What if there is an error while ing the images?

Live chat with doctors free

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