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Other groups also emerged with a focus on addressing the issues of Hispanic women.

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The National Network of Hispanic Women, for example, began in to provide support to professional Latina and Hispanic women. The National Network of Hispanic Women served as a resource center for Hispanic and Latina professional women in the public and private sectors. It provided nationwide mentorship to Hispanic and Latina women working in fields in which they had traditionally not been allowed to be part of. The group also worked to identify promising candidates for leadership positions in national activism.

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Along with these organizations, individuals also emerged who championed the importance of women within the Chicano movement. She eventually moved to Los Angeles.

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In California, she soon found herself supporting five children on welfare alone. She viewed the welfare system as harsh and lacking respect or dignity toward Latina.

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She decided to throw herself into the emerging Chicano movement. In addition, she vowed to continue to help support Latina and Hispanic women, particularly single mothers like herself, in her community through advocacy and education.

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As an activist, she was particularly focused on issues such as police brutality and violence, opposition to the Vietnam War, and social and economic justice. The opportunity to read and study the personal papers of Alicia Escalante provides the chance to better understand the life and activism of an important and influential figure in American Latino history. The history of Chicana and Latina women has consistently been absent in the study of the history of the Latino and Chicano communities in the United States.

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