Ladies who like a good tongue

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Everybody has concerns about blow job. Right from beginners to experienced ones, blow job truths is something that everybody needs to know. We are not sure whether you enjoy doing it or not. Irrespective of that, we have listed down some really honest blow job truths that every woman must know. For those who love blow jobs, these truths will just make it better for and your partner. He is surely going to be proud to have you in his life.

For some weird reason, most people think that too much wetness during blow job is not good. But the truth is men love wet blow jobs. Dryness will not do a good deal. It is difficult to get your act on if the area is dry. So slobbering is not bad anyway. The act of blow job is never going to be the same. If you change partners, the whole act will also change. It is not just about the size that we are talking here.

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Every man has different expectations from blow job. While one man may like it slow and smooth, the other might like wild and hard.

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Thus, it all depends from person to person. Yes, the term is blow job and it majorly involves the mouth. But to add some spice to it, you can also use hands. While you are giving him a blow job, use your hands simultaneously. Many would disagree and stick to just using the mouth, but the truth here is, a man likes too much of touch down there.

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Set up the mood and ambiance before you indulge in blow job. A little bit of teasing and warming up is always the best way to make him want more. Kiss his thighs or his shaft area before you directly take it in. This will not only make him aroused, but he will also anxiously wait for your next move. It is just a part of like just like even licking is. It is a myth that licking is just meant for oral sex on women. Licking works wonders when done with a blow job. When you are tired of holding his penis for too long, you can start licking it and the area around. The top of the penis is particularly very sensitive for men, so your man is sure to enjoy tongue on the top.

Suck it gently without literally taking the whole thing in making him feel suffocated.

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Do the sucking smoothly with a little touch of your lips to make it more pleasurable. Use more of your lips and not teeth. By other parts, we mean balls. Amidst all the licking and sucking, do not ignore the balls. Men do love to be caressed down there. Lick them, stroke them and give it a gentle massage. If you are a first timer, you can keep this for later too.

Do it once you are comfortable with his body. Some men love coming during blow job. It is not always penetration that makes him ejaculate. Even blow jobs, when done perfectly can make them come; and if you see your guy on the verge of coming, do not panic and completely back out.

Release your hold smoothly and make sure your lips touch his part till he comes. If you are not comfortable with the idea of taking his cum inside your mouth, you can move aside a little when it pops out.

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You can also give him a hand job when he is about to cum. For those who love the idea of swallowing, you can continue holding his penis in your mouth and take it in or on your face. Blow job is enjoyable and pleasurable for both the parties only if there is ample comfort. If this is your first time, there is bound to be awkwardness and a feeling of discomfort- because of which the first time might not be great.

But trust us; blow job gets better with time. Once you are comfortable with his body and have explored enough, you might actually start enjoying blow job. However, if you are not comfortable, you can always talk it out and try put different ways of giving him pleasure. It can be kept to just that. When you are in a hurry but want to to steam up things before getting on to your work, all you need to do is kiss a lot ans then just go down on him.

A quick blow job is also a different and fun way of giving him pleasure. Make him cum with your blow job skills! Love it or hate it, these are some of the blow job truths that every woman must know. The next time you get intimate with your partners, make it more about his pleasure and not yours.

Giving he is not a bad idea after all. Your man will treat you like a queen after a good session of blow job. Keep these facts in mind and you are good to go.

Ladies who like a good tongue

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