Issues in a relationship

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It's often tough to spot potential relationship problems when you're in the throes of a new love. You may even look past red flags or hope that minor-seeming issues will magically smooth themselves over — after all, the honeymoon phase can make you view your S. But the reality is that lots of early relationship issues can get worse over time. If you notice something that seems a bit off — maybe your partner is controlling, or you two always argue — don't look the other way.

Alisa Ruby Bash, Psy. A small lie early on could indicate that your partner will tell a bigger one in the future, or a little break in trust now might foreshadow epic problems down the road. For the right person, it may be possible to look past a small imperfection or character flaw. No one is perfect, after all. LMFTa d marriage and family therapist. This covers everything from what you share with each other, how you say it, and even how you argue.

Josh Klapow tells Bustle. The act of cheating is bad enough, but it also points to darker issues lurking beneath the surface. Cheating — even if it just happens once — also tends to have a lasting impact due to the way resentment brews.

The smallest mistruth can be a major red flag. While it may be tempting to look the other way for the sake of keeping the peace, consider talking about it instead. Bash says people are normally on their best behavior in the early days of dating because they want to seem impressive and chill and cool.

Take note if you and your S. Does your partner drink? Like, a lot? Mead says it may be possible to navigate through their dependency and come out the other side. If you two aren't the most sexually compatibleyou can definitely work on it by communicating and experimenting. Over time, you may find your groove and start to have great sex. But if there seems to be no chemistry whatsoever, keep in mind this problem doesn't always work itself out — especially if you aren't willing to talk about it.

However, as the relationship settles into being long-term, sexual incompatibility may become more glaring, or those compromises might not be as sustainable. It might just be something you accept about each other and learn to laugh about. You don't have to be identical in order to make a relationship work, but it may not be a good if you have vastly different approaches to socializing.

Your best bet in this scenario is to be open and honest about how you feel.

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EarnheardtPh. If your partner is still hung up on their ex when you start dating, relationship expert Stef Safran says you should brace yourself for bigger problems down the road. Any of things can happen, from your partner going back to their ex, to cheating, and everything in between. While they may eventually move on, it may not be something you want to wait around for. It may help to sit down and have a serious conversation about boundarieswhat's safe to talk about, and how you plan to deal with this issue should it come up again. If you both respect each other's opinions, this problem doesn't have to get worse.

Another red flag? If your S. There are statements that can never be taken back once they are said. Unclear relationship boundaries almost always lead to resentment, which is something that can get worse with time — for you and your partner. Once you do that, you'll have a better shot at a healthy relationship. This might look like talking about how much time to spend together versus how much time to spend apart, and what you'd both like to get out of the relationship.

Knowing early on can save you from having arguments and misunderstandings years down the road. If someone can't be respectful on the first date, imagine how they'll act on the th. This may not be something you want to wait around for, especially if their behavior is particularly bad. They're probably not the most trustworthy person, and that's one trait that can lead to a lot of problems in the future.

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While it may not seem like a big deal that your partner hates constructive criticismit can actually start to cause problems over time. Josh Klapowclinical psychologist.

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Stef Safranrelationship expert. Adam C. Lisa Concepciondating expert and founder of LoveQuestCoaching. This article was originally published on Aug. By Carolyn Steber. Updated: July 8, Originally Published: Aug. See All Health Relationships Self.

Issues in a relationship

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