Interesting email address ideas

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The best addresses keep things simple. While using your name seems ideal, many simple first-last name combinations may have already been allocated to other digital users. Or, you may have a lengthy name or one that varies from traditional spelling formats, both of which can potentially create issues. Take a look, then try out a few to see which one fits your business best:. If you go this route, and especially if you have an ambiguous name, make sure you include a clear ature so that contacts know which name to refer to you by.

Overemphasizing your qualifications can be a bit touchy; too much emphasis on a specific title can seem obnoxious, and using industry-specific jargon can be hard to remember. However, if you choose to go this route, make sure the address you choose is on-brand for your business. This depends on the name of your domain. If your domain is your brand name, then a [brand name] [brand name].

Is it help, support, information?

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While some services advertise being free, few truly cost nothing. That said, if you already pay for web hosting, your domain name will often come with a free business. Your professional ature should include your first and last name, job title, company with website URLand contact information. You may also want to consider including a call-to-action in your ature. It offers more functionality than G Suite e.

Zoho is great for companies on a tight budget that already have a domain name. It provides up to five free business s per domain. Bluehost is perfect for those using WordPress but who need web hosting with a free domain and business. If you decided to go with Gmail as your provider than you made the right move.

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One of the major benefits of having a Gmail is the free add-ons or extensions you can add to supercharge your. Right Inbox is a free productivity extension that superchargers your ing efforts, with such features as:.

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Tracking : Find out who re and clicks your s, how many times, and when. Templates : Turn your most effective s in templates you can insert and optimize with one click.

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Choose something that makes sense to the person opening thelike your name or a combination of your name and business name. Check out this list of great subject lines to help you get started with moving your campaign forward. David Campbell.

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Jan 01, Blog. Take a look, then try out a few to see which one fits your business best: Table of Contents:.

Interesting email address ideas

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