I need manscape massage

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You deserve a little getaway! The candle melts into a body oil, so you can use it as a body moisturizer or as a massage candle at home. Electrolysis can be performed on any facial and body partincluding genitals, beards, back, chest, ears, eyebrows, feet, hands, etc. Massage is a cornerstone treatment for managing stress and pain. Whether you are looking to unwind from a stressful week, or you're feeling sore after a workout, our therapists can help. Remember to communicate with your therapist during your massage about the amount of pressure that you want. Our professional therapists are great at their work, but they cannot read minds yet!

All massage services are relaxation treatment; insurance receipts cannot be issued. Our professional Massage Practitioners combine different massage techniques primarily Swedish to help you relax, manage pain and heal. Pressure is determined by you during your treatment. This popular service pairs an invigorating 30min body scrub with a relaxing massage. Walk away feeling smooth on the outside and calmer on the inside. So treat your feet and lower legs! This massage treatment starts with a professional foot soak, followed by a seaweed scrub to exfoliate your feet and lower legs.

Then, enjoy a relaxing hot stone massage from your tired feet up to your knees, finishing with a moisture infusion to hydrate the skin. This one-of-a-kind massage combines the skills of two professional Massage Practitioners working simultaneously on one client to achieve a deeply relaxing state. This treatment is recommended if you have cystic acne or moderate-to-severe issues with ingrown hairs on your back which require extractions. Shed your old skin! A MUST for dry, itchy skin.

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During an average day of walking, your feet can endure pressure equivalent to a fully loaded cement truck weighing hundreds of tons. Old Faithful. This manicure includes nails trimmed and filed, cuticle work, hand exfoliation, desired targeted Treatments i. Do you struggle to cut your toenails? Or maybe you just hate cutting your own toenails? This is, by far, the hardest working part of our body… and the most neglected.

This pedicure treatment is recommended if you have healthy feet and want to maintain good. This therapeutic pedicure treatment includes everything within our Foot Fix, plus additional time to treat the desired issue s. The goal is to get your feet to a healthy stage so that you can continue to maintain your foot health with the Foot Fix. Additional CMP sessions may be needed, depending on the condition. This is our most common facial. This treatment includes: skin analysis and consultation, cleanse, exfoliation, treatment mask, moisture infusion, hot towels and a relaxing facial massage.

Men with a noticeable beard will have their whiskers treated to a conditioning mask. This treatment also includes an eye treatment to help calm puffy, tired looking eyes. We recommend this treatment if you want to look your best for an event or you want a relaxing facial experience that delivers. This treatment does not include extractions.

Your therapist will discuss with you about your condition and perform a specialized treatment that is custom-built to address your concerns. Each treatment includes: skin analysis and consultation, cleanse, exfoliation, treatment mask, moisture infusion, hot towels and a relaxing facial massage.

Put your best face forward! Show up at the party or meeting looking refreshed. This treatment includes: cleanse, mild exfoliation, hydration-boosting mask and moisture infusion. We recommend this express treatment if you want a quick facial before an event to feel fresh-faced.

Take care of blackhe between your facial visits. Do you have a D. This beard facial is your solution! And we will teach you how to manage your beard at home.

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This treatment also includes a hydrating mask for your facial skin and lots of soothing warm towels! After one AFA Peel treatment, clients notice an immediate difference in how their skin looks and feels. For maximumparticularly for combating sun damage and deeper s of aging, a series of 6 treatments is recommended one treatment per week, for 6 weeks. Using the AFA home gel will further quicken and prolong the you seek. Want to start caring for your facial skin but not sure how?

Still shaving the same way you did as a teenager and experiencing issues? This is the service for you! Your therapist will review how to shave, basics on beard care and what steps you need to do at home to stay looking your best. If you are using any skin care products at home, we ask that you take pictures of the bottle and the ingredients list so that your therapist can help you to understand your product choices.

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After this in-depth consultation, enjoy an express facial treatment, which includes: cleanse, mild exfoliation, hydration-boosting mask and moisture infusion. We recommend this treatment if you want to start taking care of your facial skin and you want to be armed with the education and the appropriate products to do so. Show off those eyes! If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the eyebrows are the window frames. Deepen your brow colour to give your face frame, resembling in color to your natural hair. An introduction to Spa Life. A 60 minute massage, including a scalp massage using aromatic oils, and an Express facial to freshen up the skin.

Treat yourself! Moving up the ranks of Royalty, this package includes a 30 minute body scrub and 60 minute massage, followed by a Foot Fix and an Essential facial which includes an eye treatment. A popular indulgence! Your reign begins with a Hand and Foot Fix.

Once your body has received the royal treatment, your face will be equally renewed with a Specialized Facial and hot towels. Get photo ready with an Essential facial, including an eye treatment, and get your handshake ready with a Hand Fix treatment. Share your spa experience with someone; whether it be a friend, family member or your other half. Enjoy some quiet time together or get yourselves ready for an upcoming event. Share your favourite place us! Choose from this list of services which can be enjoyed with your spa buddy in the same treatment room together:.

Spend some time with someone you enjoy while you both relish in a relaxation massage in the same room together. This service is not just for romantic couples. Treat your best friend or favourite family member to some TLC. Not sure about a particular service? Want an estimate on some body grooming before booking an appointment? Book a consultation to meet with one of our therapists and get your questions answered. Home Services.

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Full body grooming prices are to be determined in-person, on the day of your appointment or consultation. Before starting treatment, a 30 minute consultation is required. During this consultation, we will discuss your goals and explain the process required to meet those goals. You will also receive a 10 minute mini-treatment so that you can experience electrolysis before committing to the series. This is a powerful treatment for anyone who has a hard time letting go and wants to disconnect from the outside world for a while.

Your therapist will assess the condition of your back. If your back is not severe or does not require extractions, you will be treated to the full-body Scrub Down treatment instead. This is not a full pedicure treatment. Look at our Foot Fix treatment for a full-service pedicure. Take a load off your feet! We recommend you do this pedicure treatment every 6 weeks to maintain your foot health.

They are trained in recognizing foot conditions and performing appropriate treatments. Do NOT shave your facial hair hrs before your facial if possible. If you have questions about your skin or want the full facial experience, this is not the facial for you; instead, we would recommend the Essential Facial or the Apprentice Facial to allow for the necessary time. Book this treatment at least 3 or more days before your event. Your skin may be red after treatment for days.

The D. Buy a series of 6 AFA Facials, get the 6th session free! Boost your and keep them lasting longer! Remember to take photos of the ingredients list of the skin care products you are currently using. This will help your therapist during your consultation. The Big Day Duration : 1. Get rid of unsightly hair for your photos! Choose the services you would like to experience. for pricing and to book your appointment.

Anyone is welcome to you! This treatment is a relaxation treatment; insurance receipts cannot be issued. Copy link. Copy Copied. Powered by Social Snap. Patches only Want just one of these done?

I need manscape massage

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