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A former war hero and midget car racer meets his match in a feisty reporter who blames his reckless tactics for an accidental racing death. Mike Brannan : You figure on doing another column on me? Regina Forbes : You're only worth a couple of lines now. Mike Brannan : Well, don't write 'em! I've been risking my neck with this outfit. Regina Forbes : I hope they pay you well. Mike Brannan : A hundred bucks a show, and I've been saving every dime.

I'm gonna drive with the big cars now, and what you wrote about me doesn't go with them. So I'm warning you. Lay off me in the future. Regina Forbes : [Amused] You're warning me? Mike Brannan : You better listen to what I'm saying, or I'll knock that smile off your face! Regina Forbes : [She laughs at him] Knock it off. Regina Forbes : That's just about what I expect from you. Mike Brannan : The guys you run around with wouldn't do that, would they?

Well, it's time somebody roughed you up a little! I can handle you, baby. You're just another dame to me! She looks after him with a subtle smile indicating she enjoyed it].

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In. Play trailer Action Romance Sport. Director Clarence Brown. Top credits Director Clarence Brown. Trailer Official Trailer. Photos Top cast Edit. Adolphe Menjou Gregg as Gregg.

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William C. Emory Parnell Mr. Wendall as Mr. Helen Spring Janie as Janie. Henry Banks Driver as Driver uncredited. Hal K. Clarence Brown. More like this. Storyline Edit. Mike Brannon is a former war hero turned midget car racer.

His ruthless racing tactics have made him successful but the fans consider him a villain and boo him mercilessly. Independent, beautiful reporter Regina Forbes tries to interview him but is put off by his gruff chauvinism, and when Brannon's daredevil tactics cause the death of a fellow driver, he finds himself a pariah in the sport thanks to her articles. When she finds him earning money as a barnstorming daredevil driver hoping for a comeback, they begin to become mutually attracted. MGM's thrill-a-minute romance of a daredevil and a darling!

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Did you know Edit. Trivia The finale of the film takes place at the Indianapolis The actual running of the was used for these scenes. The driver of the 17 car was the real Joie Chitwood, featured earlier in the film played by William C. McGaw as the owner of the Thrill Show where Brannan was working. See the Goofs section for continuity issues created by using actual race footage. Goofs Because footage shot during the actual Indy was used, Mauri Rose can be seen exiting the pits driving past the pit for the real car 17, Joie Chitwood Mauri Rose and Joie Chitwood's pits were next to each other during the race.

Quotes Mike Brannan : You figure on doing another column on me? User reviews 22 Review. Top review. Forget the defects and go for the stars! I've gotta be honest. It seemed like the start of 'modern' racing to me, where cars looked like cars and not bathtubs on wheels, and guys like Newman and Garner and McQueen were behind the wheel. Stuff made before that seemed too old and dated and creaky. God knows it had to be creaky. They were making it while I was being conceived, and showing it in theaters while I was learning about baby formula! Yeah, there's a similar theme of drivers killing drivers like in "Devil's Hairpin", but there's Stanwyck going from being too hard-nose to sappy in love just a little too fast, Gable knocks her over way too quickly with no reason shown why he's even attracted to her, and the stars of the film look like they should have made this movie ten years earlier.

But then, these stars were at the top of their game. When Stanwyck's assistant swoons over Clark Gable, she should. He's still the king! There were still plenty of women in the audience who would. And let's face it, Gable just had to dig Stanwyck because she was the best tough cookie with a soft center to come out of Hollywood ever. Gable slapping her, and some lines of dialogue stand out, especially Stanwyck saying, "You're nobody till somebody loves you," which had to predate Dean Martin's first recording of that by five years! There are lots of scenes of auto racing history for fans who appreciate that sort of thing to enjoy, but there's also the stars themselves to enjoy.

Unlike today, there was a time when faces and personalities meant more to a film than the story itself, and it's watching these two stars go through the motions that really make this film worth watching even after all these years have passed. Details Edit. Release date October 13, United States. United States. Red Hot Wheels. Arlington Downs Racetrack - E.

Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1h 31min. Black and White. Related news. Mar 17 The Hollywood Interview. Contribute to this Suggest an edit or add missing content. Top Gap. Edit. Watch the video. Hollywood Romances: Our Favorite Couples. See the entire gallery. Recently viewed Please enable browser cookies to use this feature.

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I know how to please a lady

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