I just want your kiss boy

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A kiss will say much more than all the words in the world ever could. Sometimes, saying I love you or I really like you is best done through a gentle, passionate, loving kiss. When words fail us, a kiss never will. I want to kiss you because how else are you going to feel what I feel?

How else can I showcase how much I want you? To be honest, I miss you too much to be playing games and I love you too deeply to hide it for a second longer. I just want to be straight with you. Afterward… I want us to snuggle underneath the coziest blanket, stare at each other in awe of how connected and intertwined our souls are. The voice that sends shivers down my spine. The only voice I could never resist and makes me feel so raw and vulnerable. To see if this tension between us can come to life. To figure out whether these feelings are imaginary or real.

A kiss is the first step to falling in love. This kiss could be one of many that will end up making our lives rich and fulfilled beyond our wildest dreams. I know that something is going on at your end too. But I want to know for sure. Kiss me and let me know. I want more than occasional pats on the back and accidental brushes as we pass by each other. I already kissed you a million times in my mind. My imagination is so vivid that I can almost feel your lips pressed to mine.

Everything about you is mesmerizing. I love the way you talk, smell, move. I like that little dimple on your cheek when you laugh. I drown in you, both mentally and physically. I want to kiss your mind. I want to kiss your soul.

I want to kiss every inch of your body. I want to be lost in you. I even envy the women who were there before me. What matters is that one of us makes the first move with the first kiss. Well, I have, as you can see. Two people become one when they kiss. It might sound cheesy, but I really feel that way. A kiss says much more than words. It uncovers the level of infatuation two people have for each other. It says so much in so little time. I just want to be yours. It tells me you take good care of your body. And it makes me want to get really close and figure out what it is that makes it so alluring.

There is so much more to you. You are genuinely a good person. I want to get to know you on a deeper level. I already know enough to make me want to stick by your side for a long time. But how much more is there to you? Are you aware of how vulnerable you make me feel?

Whoever said this knew what they were talking about. And my gut tells me that you and I would make such a dynamic team, in all the right ways. Are you interested in finding out and helping to prove me right? I could make any guy kiss me, but for some reason, all I want is you. Kissing will inevitably bring us closer. Something that bonds two people together. And I firmly believe that people who kiss every day stay together longer. Would you help me test that theory? Like all good things in life, kissing gets better with time. Also, as our feelings grow, kissing becomes more important and more loving.

It would be a shame not to practice this to perfection. Not having a good reason not to is reason enough to go for it. I want to kiss you and I want to be kissed by you. I want to feel you reciprocate. I want to know that you crave me as much as I crave you.

I need to feel wanted and desired. I want you to kiss my forehead, my neck, my lips, and every inch of my body.

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I want you to discover my body. I want you to kiss my soul. I want your kiss to linger in my mind for days and weeks to come. This kiss might stop us, end us before we even begin our love affair, but it could also be the start of something breathtakingly amazing. Anything worth having is worth every single obstacle. I want your lips to be devoted only to mine. I want you to be someone I can trust wholeheartedly. Someone I can share my secrets with and confide in.

I want it all, but we have to kiss first. I want it all, but you have to want it too because even a kiss has to be reciprocated, let alone everything else in a relationship. My lips are ready. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Also, I crave hearing your voice. The voice that makes me want to kiss you all over and never stop. Can you see how much I want to kiss you and how badly I crave your presence in my life? It could be the first step to forever. We both know that a kiss can say more than a thousand words ever could. Are you ready to take me for a spin and make me fall for you all over again? If you are, you know where I am. I want to be kissed by you. I want to be embraced. I want to be loved. I want you to snuggle with me on the sofa and hold me tightly in your arms.

Can you give me what I yearn for? I daydream about that kiss I already kissed you a million times in my mind.

I just want your kiss boy

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