How to keep a phone conversation interesting

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You know when you're on that first date, sharing pleasant smiles, first drinks, and asking questions about each other that we probably already knew the answer to from the social media we stalked earlier. But then the dreaded awkward silence creeps in and even if you were having a good time, the gaps between conversation are sometimes inevitable.

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In which case, these questions might save the date. But maybe not all of them! Some are a bit deep for a first date, so maybe save those ones for later. Or if you want to get to know someone more deeply, then maybe some of these could help you spark that conversation.

There are many situations in which you become stuck for words and find it hard to keep the conversation going. If you find yourself in these situations often, I would recommend keeping this post handy on your phone. If you don't want to have these conversations with other people then maybe asking yourself these questions might be enlightening too. Finding out your own thoughts on some of these topics and learning aspects of yourself that you might not have known before might be a good idea.

Answer these questions truly and see how much you already knew and how much you had to sit and think about to find an answer. You might be surprised at the. What is your best childhood memory? If you could have one superpower, which would that be?

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What is your favourite tv show? If you could go anywhere in the world right now money is no objectionwhere would you go? Do you believe in ghosts? Share stories if you have any. Do you believe in God? How do you deal with anger? Where do you see yourself in five years? Where would you want to go on your honeymoon? Do you have any regrets in life? What is something you have recently learnt about life? Who do you look up to? What motivates you in life? What is your favourite quote? What fear would you like to overcome? Where would be your dream vacation? What are you loving to watch on Netflix right now?

What kind of music do you listen to in your "alone time"? What is one thing you would want an answer to? Which events shaped you to be the person you are today? What is love? In your opinion. Have you ever been in love before?

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What do you consider as cheating? Name one thing you would want to gift your parents? What one invention needs to exist? Do you think religion creates more good in the world or evil? Who are you closest to in your family? What makes a good partner? What would be a perfect date night?

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What is your biggest accomplishment? I'm always searching for new topics of conversation with people. I love finding out things about people that they wouldn't normally talk about. Hopefully, this blog post can be a way for you to initiate those conversations with someone. Even if you have known someone for years, you may not know their inner thoughts and desires.

Why not find out? If the right question isn't here for you then maybe you could start with these and ask the real question on your mind. If you have any questions that have worked for you in the past to spark interesting conversations with people, feel free to let me know via on [ protected].

Also if you would like to suggest ideas for a blog post, I would love to hear about it. Explore my posts, and all that I have to offer; perhaps The Graceful Truth will ignite your own passions too. To be quantified and found wanting, like blood is used by the USA government.

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You brush shoulders with someone as you pass each other in the street. You have no idea who that person is or where they have been and you cannot possibly know what is going on in their head.

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They are fighting a battle you know nothing about. Do you remember the one feeling of being loved so much your heart would calm down? Or actually feeling so happy that you can't contain your smile? She made me feel that way. I remember expressing every single emotion I had because she made me feel safe. I could be myself. I didn't understand what being that happy could be. I always despised people who were so happy and I always questioned myself when would I meet someone who could make me feel that way.

I spent enough time in the shadows to know that the edge of everything is nothing. I've spent enough time digging through broken and buried memories only to bring up the past over and over again. I was judged and bullied.

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I was the underdog who came out alive, bruised and battle-worn. I've never been everyone's cup of tea and looking back, I'm glad I never fell into that stereotypical archetype. I'm ecstatic that I broke the mold when society told me to sit down and color. I'm glad because the picture that I've painted is so much more beautiful.

To call myself a veteran in the realm of Internet dating over the age of 40, might hardly seem a badge of honor. I offer the following as a purely cautionary tale to those of you who are considering internet dating in middle-age sorry, but no other way to describe us with the hopes that it will help you avoid some of the bumps and pitfalls—and perhaps garner a good laugh or two! Technically it was October 20th, at an unholy hour in the morning.

I came back to my dorm high after spending the evening at a friend's, and I was furious with you. That night I was ready to cut it off. I was about to walk away, forgetting everything that might have been. Below are my top 30 questions to ask someone.

If you have any questions that have worked for you in the past to spark interesting conversations with people, feel free to let me know via on [ protected] Also if you would like to suggest ideas for a blog post, I would love to hear about it. The Graceful Truth Welcome! The Graceful Truth. Read next: Autism isn't a disease. Accepting Myself as Mixed Blood.

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How to keep a phone conversation interesting

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6 Actionable Tips on How to Make a Conversation Interesting