How to get to koh samet from pattaya

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Koh Samet is a popular weekend getaway for Thais and foreigners living in Bangkokso there are dozens of Beach resorts, bars, and restaurants on nearly every beach, although visitors are allowed to camp if they wish to do so. Quiet and relaxing on the weekdays, raucous and fun on the weekends, Koh Samet is, despite its proximity to Bangkok, a beautiful Island with powdery white sand, generally great year-round weather, and a variety of lodging options.

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Visitors to Koh Samet looking for unspoiled beauty have to get away from the more developed beaches along the east coast, though even the most popular beaches are quite beautiful. Those looking for more relaxation can book rooms at the more upscale resorts on the west coast, which are spectacular places to watch sunsets.

Koh Samet boasts a of fine white sandy beaches.

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Besides its beautiful beaches and crystal clear seaKoh Samet offers so many more activities that make it a perfect getaway for groups, families, or lovers. Water must be brought in from the mainland or gathered from the rain. Please use sparingly.

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Ko Samet. Please try other type. How To Get There. Get Inspiration.

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Koh Samet to Pattaya