How to be a christian husband

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It affects every area of our lives. If it goes on long enough, it can destroy everything. Those are frightening predictions. A man and wife cannot live entirely independently of one another without paying a steep price for it.

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It makes them incomplete. Even in the closest of marriages, the two partners are still not ed at the hip. You and your wife may have separate work, interests, and activities, but if you are praying with and for one another regularly, it will keep you in tune and on the same path. And if resentment about that creeps into the heart of either one of you, you can begin to hold yourself apart from one another mentally, physically, or emotionally, without even realizing it. It is especially important to be of the same faith and beliefs.

In fact, this is a good place to begin praying. Your entire relationship is compromised if you are not on the same in this area. For example, going to separate churches, or going to a church where one of you is not happy, or one of you going to church while the other one consistently does not, all promote a lack of unity.

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Ask God to change your heart where necessary to bring you into unity with your wife. Your marriage will be a strong force for good if the two of you are of one mind. Some men become impatient with that.

Others feel so at a loss or overwhelmed by it that it causes them to withdraw. If you recognize that happening to you, ask God to give you a heart of compassion. To be compassionate toward your wife is to have a deep sympathy for any area in which she suffers and to have a strong desire to alleviate that suffering. She just needs to know that you hear her heart and care about how she feels. In the past my husband would stand still and listen to me for no more than three seconds I timed this before he would walk out of the room.

Now he has a heart for my struggles, and he listens with care. Those moments of listening and indicating compassion have been healing to our relationship. Pray that God will give you a heart of compassion toward your wife and the patience to listen to her when she needs you to do so. Because you are one with your wife, you must treat her the way you would your own body. You love it and care for it. Jack Hayford, our pastor for 23 years, always said he could tell when a woman was truly loved by her husband, because she grew more beautiful as the years went on.

You have no idea how much your love means to your wife. Ask God to increase your love for your wife and enable you to show it in a way that makes her beautiful. Is there anything about your wife that bothers you? What happens when you try to make those changes occur?

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How does she respond when you show your irritation? The truth is, we all have a hard time changing. Only God can make changes in us that last. Only His power can transform us.

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For example, does your wife always run late, while you like to be on time? She may either be a poor judge of time or else she is trying to do too much. Pray that God will help her to organize things better or not take on more than she can handle, or that she will gain a clearer concept of time. It will never give you the you want. The only thing that works is prayer. And remember that, though the ways you and your wife are the same can unite you, the ways you are different can keep things interesting.

Are you kind to everyone all day at work, but then you take out your frustration, exhaustion, and anger on your wife when you get home?

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Marriage is hard enough without one of the parties being rude, cruel, or inconsiderate. In other words, she was turning into the kind of person she never wanted to be. We have to care enough about our mates to stop doing things that hurt or upset them. There is nothing more wonderful than the male voice. It is strong and deep and rich. And the sound of male voices singing together is one of the most beautiful sounds on earth. Most men have no idea about the power of their voice. When a man speaks, his words have the power to create and the power to destroy.

His words can be like a sharp knife that wounds and kills, or a soothing balm that heals and brings life. By all means, put your thoughts and feelings on the table. Your wife was created as a gift from God to complete you. But she must be treated as the gift from God that she is, in order for that complete blessing to happen in your life. Your wife will prove to be your greatest asset if you value and honor her.

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Pray for God to help you speak to your wife in a courteous way that is pleasing in His sight, and to convict your heart when you do not. And no matter how great your marriage is, God wants it to be better. Therefore it stands to reason that, as we improve individually, our marriages will also improve. Next to your love for her, the greatest gift you can give your wife is your own wholeness. It must be your desire also.

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Ask God to help you use them well and to His glory. Ask God to make you everything He created you to be so you and your wife will always be a winning team. Copyright by Stormie Omartian. Used with permission. All rights reserved. Stormie and her husband, Michael, have been married more than 35 years and have three grown children.

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How to be a christian husband

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