How long does a spliff stay in your system

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As a unit of measurement, a t has no definitive volume.

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This is why extravagant innovations like the tulip are just as much a t as a pencil-thin doobie cobbled together from shake. In addition, we need to define this unit of measurement by how much THC is in a typical gram. Raw cannabis flower is typically considered to contain 10 to 30 percent THC. Thus, mg of cannabis aka a gram contains, on average, mg of THC. Those who regularly consume cannabis should, in general, anticipate THC remaining in their system for a longer period of time when compared with a first-time user. Thus, factors like increased body fat, improper hydration, or a slow metabolism may all increase the amount of time it takes for THC to work its way out of our systems.

What happens next? Smoking cannabis is the quickest method of consumption in terms of the time it takes for THC to hit our bloodstream. By inhaling pot, THC first enters our bodies via the lungs, which absorb the cannabinoid along with any and all other cannabinoids contained within the strain in question. From there, it hits the bloodstream, where it is ultimately delivered to our brains. Instead, the half-life of THC is typically thought to be somewhere from 20 hours to 10 days, with the higher end of this range applying to heavy users.

Using our baseline of a gram of cannabis containing mg of THC — and our premise that the person in question does not have any THC in their system prior to consumption — we can get even more specific. Continuing this line of logic, the smoker will have a quarter of the original amount of THC 50mg in their system 48 hours after consumption.

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That is halved again at the three-day mark, and so on. There are four main types of testing currently employed to detect THC: blood testssaliva testsurine testsand hair follicle tests. Each one is effective for different lengths of time. Hair follicle analysis, for example, can test positive for THC up to 90 days after consumption. Blood and saliva tests, meanwhile, are both only practical in detecting THC for up to 24 hours following usage.

That said, some blood tests will detect THC up to 72 hours after consumption. Interestingly, these tests are not actually looking for THC but for its metabolites — the metabolic byproducts that accumulate in our fat reserves, which are then released from the fat cells over a period of time.

The baseline for all these various testing methods is the threshold of THC required to produce a positive finding. Simply put, there is a minimum amount of metabolites necessary for a test to catch THC in our bodies.

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Considering all of the above information, a first-time or infrequent consumer smoking a t with one gram of cannabis in it that contains mg of THC should fall below the testable threshold for THC within three to eight days after last consumption. Of course, every is best viewed as a general benchmark.

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How long does a spliff stay in your system

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How Long Does Marijuana Stay In The System?