Housing cleaning jobs

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Each business has unique costs they should factor into their prices. Establishing this beforehand can give you the best understanding of what you will need to include to calculate the appropriate price ranges for your business. It might take a new cleaning business a few rounds to get comfortable with the estimating process. Having a professional cleaning business planner will keep your business operating at the most efficient level, saving time and money down the line.

Need a professional estimate template? Download one of our cleaning price list templates to find the most accurate and efficient way to estimate your business costs. You must see the house in question when estimating all private house cleaning jobs, according to Cleaning 4 Profit. The customer may try to mislead you to try to get a lower bid. In order to get paid fairly and accurately, cleaning companies will require the most accurate and up-to-date level of information.

In any case, you must visit the house before you provide an estimate in order to evaluate the task at hand. As a general rule, 1, square feet of the house should take 1. So a 3, square feet home should take 3 hours to clean, and so on. Different types of jobs like deep cleaning or vacant house cleaning will obviously take more or less time. There can be years of damage that will need specialized products to dispel, as well as extra cleaning time.

You might want to double or triple your rate for first-time cleanings, especially if the space has been neglected and needs some serious TLC. Cleaning service charges keep everything accurate and efficient, which is the best way to make sure that you get paid accurately. Whatever the case, get in the habit of keeping a log of how long each type of job takes you so you can adjust your pricing accordingly. This way, you always pay yourself. You need to establish an hourly rate.

Chargers for your time and services are the most efficient way to make sure everyone gets paid correctly and on time. You can have separate sections for other cleaners chargers if that works best for your industry. The U. Of course, this is higher in top-paying states like Hawaii, D. Now multiply the of hours you estimated the job will take by the hourly rate to find labor costs.

Payroll taxes are another consideration if you have a staff. Payroll taxes are officially called FICA taxes. You can estimate that payroll taxes will cost 18 percent of your labor cost, according to Cleaning 4 Profit. Supplies like cleaning products are obviously a typical expense in house cleaning jobs.

You need to add about six percent to factor in supplies costs. Overhead is any cost not specifically associated with the job at hand, such as office rent, marketing etc. You should add 50 percent to cover these costs. You want to make a profit on this job, so you need to add a markup. Add 33 percent on top of your cost. Of course, you can reduce this if you really need the money, want to be competitive or especially want to land this client. But, remember not to undersell yourself.

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If your state requires you to charge sales tax, add that on top in the estimate. That means your cost guide can represent your cleaning rates as accurately as possible.

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TaxJar has a simple sales tax calculator that estimates your tax rate by street address. Clients are also charged fees for extended travel to the home and special services like cleaning an oven, high shelves or ceilings, fireplaces etc. If there are multiple bathrooms to clean, that may incur extra charges. If there are carpeted bedrooms, there may be extra fees for carpet cleaning services. Depending on what level of cleaning is required, additional factors such as dusting blinds or deep cleaning refrigerators will need to be included. Fees will vary based on the city or state, too.

You can price house cleaning jobs by the hour. Or use our step-by-step guide above to accurately calculate an hourly rate and pricing lists based on overhead costs, profit margin etc. An easy solution is to use this free house cleaning cost calculator that finds average prices based on factors like frequency, cleaning type and pets.

Residential cleaning is usually charged by the hour. Office, janitorial and commercial cleaning is more frequently charged by the square foot—usually 5 to 55 cents per square foot. Usually larger offices get discounted per square foot rates. Commercial cleaning services often take into consideration the industry involved when they calculate the price per square foot. Services like carpet cleaning and cleaning microwaves or fridges are usually charged extra. A housekeeper should be paid minimum wage, at the very least. The rate also depends on the industry.

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House cleaning costs may be higher, depending on your location. You can unsubscribe at any time by contacting us at help freshbooks.

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Housing cleaning jobs

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House cleaner jobs