Hispanic men with big dicks

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Hello and thank you for being a DL contributor. We are changing the scheme for contributors for simpler and to better support using multiple devices. Some features on this site require registration. Hello and thank you for registering. If you can't find the you can resend it here. Some features on this site require a subscription. I have to admit, my one and only long time BF Latin had a large, perfect dick. Might be genetic. A friend works at Planned Parenthood so he sees evan more dick than most of you whores and he says the biggest dick has been Latino.

Miles and miles of cock were set free from the guys pantelones. I always have had the feeling that even though he is a shrimp in stature, Marc Anthony JLo's ex has a really big dick. To each his own, R One can never discount the ugliness people find not just acceptable, but actually attractive, on DL. That especially large uncircumcised penis is so off putting I would turn it down if given the chance. A little smell is definitely a turn on and some cut dick that emits Axe body spray definitely is not. I've been very satisfied with every aspect of a nice, uncut Latino cock.

They definitely know what to do with them. Your loss, R And also: we really don't care about your baby tastes, so please stop advertising them unless specifically asked. Nobody gives a shit. Fuck off R Most of DL is anti stank sleeve and you know it. It has not a damn thing to do with baby tastes. And I don't care if they smell like a rose garden either.

R1 Latin America received 12 million African slaves while the US only got and that answers your question. R30 is right. Latinos are part black. They're basically mulattos who speak Spanish. Being mixed race is what also causes the majority of them to be good looking.

There were several native peoples of the Caribbean who were said to be have good looking, fierce and well-endowed males. They fucked their genetics into the current mix, as well. Uncut dicks look like they belong behind the offal counter at an Asian butcher, or in a bucket at a roide bait shop. Please, fix yourselves.

R28, I know you're desperate to believe all that bullshit you just posted, but it's actual bullshit, and nobody cares about your psychotic ravings, so you should really learn to keep your ignorant hateful stupidity to yourself. This is gods way of leveling the playing field.

I wonder is the stupid queens who can't stand to look at an uncut dick realize that cut dicks are unnatural. R17, R21, R36 You'll never go much farther than your trailer, I suppose, which is good. You probably can't even fit through the trailer door anymore. Thank god, Europe doesn't need ignorant 'meriKKKans. Don't be so gullible OP. It's just the Latinos who work in porn who have big dicks at least most of them.

Latins are no different than any other group. Some have big'uns, some don't.

And, these guys are 4 feet tall, weighand the angle on many of those shots is very "flattering. Why do you think miss anderson bought a place in brazil? She cant get enough big brown dick. Evertime i see her trying to ve serious, I think of all the cock and dum and STDs she had had. Mmmm HOT. Uncut dicks are hot. Cut dicks are hot. Dicks are hot.

As long as you're clean, and know how to use it, I'm down. And his dirty talk is hilarious. I saw a young hetero couple on chaturbate. Asian - latin mix from Columbia. They were both extremely attractive and the guy had a thick body and a huge dick and super asian face. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies.

Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Become a contributor - post when you want with no ! Why are they so hung? Good hell. That doesn't even look real. Where he at? Why ask why? I'm just glad they do!! I had a Brazilian boyfriend who was hugely dongful. And very, very goodlooking.

I bet Marc Anthony had a bigger dick than Alex Rodriguez. But their faces, r11 r R10 has a hot face R11 is probably a selective taste. But most are uncut and stink, unfortunately. Sweet Jeezus!! Nice and girthy as well as long. And you can tell he's not to tall. I bet Marc Anthony is packing a similar tool. Is r9 supposed to be A-Rod or Marc Anthony? Or just wishful thinking?

The foreskins are really unfortunate. They are that unattractive to me. R22 Then you can't havee much sex in Europe or Latin America considering most men are uncut. I think he's hot. You are correct R22, I assiduously avoid European men for that very reason. It has everything to do with ugly. Can see the Native American in that young man. I've been with some small latinos, some huge ones too but it evens out like everyone else.

In fact, take your own advice, and fuck right the hell off yourself. Don't know about the rest of South America, but Brazilian men? Oh dear Lord. Latins know the beauty of an intact penis. Ours is not to reason why, Op Don't know about size but they are for sure the juiciest cocks on the planet, no contest. It's the Arab blood in their genes. I know a handsome cuban with a micropenis. R28 - That made me laugh, you poor thing. No dick for you the last few years, huh? I had to open this thread. All that trapped smegma give the appearance of a bigger dick.

Big AND uncut. Latinos have it all!

Hispanic men with big dicks

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Why Do Latin Guys Have Such Big Dicks?