Garage door popping

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Demi Quentin Griffiths. Search this site. Mother Nature versus Your Garage Door. One of the most annoying things that you can hear from your overhead garage door is a popping sound every time you use it. According to garage door maintenance expertspopping sounds in your garage door is a that it requires servicing soon.

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While it is true that some causes of garage door popping may be repaired very easily, at other times it can be quite complicated and even dangerous if not attended to by a professional. Lubricate the Track and Rollers For DIY aficionados, you can try and fix the popping sound on your garage door by lubricating the tracks and rollers. To do so, open the garage door and use a flashlight in order to inspect the tracks on both sides of the door.

Look for debris, dust or stones that could cause the rollers to scratch against one another. Sometimes due to age or wear and tear the rollers may have already become worn.

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You can attempt to lubricate the rollers using a few drops of automotive engine oil to ensure that they are operating smoothly. Inspect the Hinges A loose or malfunctioning hinge is one of the causes of a popping sound in your garage door. Garage door installation specialists recommend that you check the roller bolt and ensure that it is perpendicular to the track and the hinge should be securely fastened to the door. You can use a socket or box wrench to tighten any loose bolts and a rubber mallet to repair minor bends in the door panels.

Isolating the Issue For electric garage door openers, check to see if the problem is not with the opener itself. Check the user guide on how to disconnect the drive chain from the door and then open it manually.

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Be very careful with this procedure and make sure there is someone else there with you to help as a typical door can weigh over several hundred pounds. If the door opens smoothly, then it may be high time to replace the garage door opener or have a professional look at it for issues.

Garage door popping

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