Games for people over 50

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I mean, come on. I want to waste time just like my year-old son does. I need something a little more challenging. In fact, a recent survey in the U. What do they play? Candy Crush is a very simple puzzle game that can be downloaded on your Apple or Android gadget. With over a trillion levels played, Candy Crush is one of the most popular phone games of all time.

The objective is to match three of the same candies in a row to increase your score and progress to new levels. Privacy, security, the latest trends and the info you need to live your best digital life. Backgammon is a classic board game that could be played in the living room or even by the pool.

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Backgammon can be played on a Mac or a PC. Additionally, it can be played online so you can play with friends and family from anywhere in the country. This game is great for anyone who loves word puzzles. Wordscapes is a combination of a traditional crossword puzzle and a letter scramble. The objective is to create as many words as you can with the letter provided to fill in the blanks of the crossword. For aging people, the game is excellent cognitive training.

The game has over 6, levels and will certainly fill up your free time. Wordscapes is available in for Apple and Android. Flight Simulator Xtreme is one of the coolest games on the list. The virtual video game puts you in the cockpit of some of the most known plane companies such as Boeing and Learjet and Airbus.

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Complete missions, take passengers from one airport to another and take in breathtaking sights from the sky. Trivia Crack is a head-to-head quiz game to test your knowledge against friends.

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Spin the wheel to see which of the six you and your opponent will be quizzed from. Trivia Crack offers hundreds of thousand of questions to be answered. The first to six crowns wins the game. Wii sports offers baseball, boxing, tennis, bowling and golf. Each game allows users to partake in light workouts with friends or can be played alone.

It can be purchased at the local GameStop or on Amazon. Keep fit and start gaming with this awesome video game. Guitar Hero is a musical blast that is different than the traditional video game.

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Rather than using a controller, gamers play with a toy guitar that can be used to play any of the seven Guitar Hero games. Each game comes with incredible set lists with songs from legendary bands such as Queen and The Beatles.

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Not only is the game available for a of different gaming consoles, you can play different versions on your mobile device and computer. The objective is to add like s in an attempt to reach a score of or higher. It makes you compete with yourself to try and come up with new strategies to reach your highest score possible.

However, there are versions that could be played on your phone. For console versions, the game offers tutorials that make playing easy to learn. It is also very easy to download and there is zero loading time from hole to hole. Video games are a great escape from daily life. Just remember to have fun!

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10 best video games for people over 55