Fotos de stockton california

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If you receive three contamination incidents in three months, you trash cart size may be increased with accompanying higher rate. Follow the rules below to avoid surcharges. How to Avoid Contamination. Watch a video on recycling right.

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Follow these simple guidelines to avoid contamination. If you have three incidents of overfileld carts in three months, you trash cart size may be increased with accompanying higher rate.

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Follow these simple guidelines to avoid overages. Watch a video about overages. Call Customer Service at to help you right-size your service. Place on the street in front of your house with wheels against the curb, away from any obstructions and neighbor's carts. Watch a video about proper cart placement.

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Visit wm. Recycle Right! For recycling to work, we all have to do our part in keeping non-recyclables out of your recycling container.

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Keep it Green! Give organics a second life as compost, keep non-organic material out of your organics container. Avoid Overages!

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Protect our community and environment, keep the lids closed. Properly setting our your carts makes a difference. Learn why setting your carts our correctly matters:. No, Waste Management has used cameras on trucks for almost 10 years. We use mounted cameras to improve safety by assisting our drivers with rear and side-view perspectives, and documenting driving incidents.

Mounted cameras record the containers serviced. The picture below shows a sample image identifying the contents of a contaminated container that was just collected from a service address and placed in our truck. WM will not share the images or customer information with third parties for marketing or data mining.

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The photographs or videos are used to educate and inform customers and the city to improve collection service, recycling and diverting materials away from the landfills. Our service consultants are trained to carefully identify service issues, such as overage, contamination and damaged carts. We have standard protocols for assessing every situation with built-in checks and balances to ensure accuracy. By accessing additional images of the disputed service, our customer care staff will work to resolve any concerns, which can be viewed by both parties.

If there is an error, we will correct it. Si hay un error, lo corregiremos.

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Fotos de stockton california

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