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Summary: Expats in Colombia discuss the pros and cons of living in Colombia. From the Colombian people to driving to taxes and more. As challenging as it can be, expats in Colombia clearly find that there is a lot to love about a country that is a surprising expat hot spot. Expats considering moving to Colombia frequently want to know the pros and cons of living there.

First, expats living in Colombialike just about every other country, will tell others they have to visit there to understand what it would mean to move to Colombia. And it is true that there are certain aspects of life abroad that have to be experienced in order to appreciate how they may impact you.

However, others sharing their experiences and assessments of life in Colombia only serves to broaden the perspective of those than can only know so much without making an actual move to Colombia. This was stated by one expat in a conversation about Pros and cons of Colombia. Another expat wrote: "In the major cities I get along pretty good, but outside the major cities I actually get treated sometimes like a minor celebrity, especially when I teach English in rural schools far from the city.

I like being special :- One time I was teaching in a rural school five hours outside Pereira and the people would actually follow me around the square just to hear my American accent trying to speak their language. Especially the campesino children, they would giggle and burst into laughter when I talked to them.

That never happened for me in the US or in Europe. Yet another expat agreed: "From my very first visit to Colombia 18 years ago, my female friend who became my wife took me to Zipaquira one day. All the local kids were in awe of this Englishman, and followed us around all afternoon, trying to talk with me, or as you describe, simply giggling or even trying to practice their English with me.

Yes, it feels nice to be a celebrity. Need health insurance in Colombia? William Russell's private medical insurance will cover you and your family wherever you may be. Unlike some insurers, we also include medical evacuation and mental health cover in our plans except SilverLite. Get a Quote. Get a quote from our partner, William Russell. As nice as they are, the same expat that called Colombians a "welcoming people" added that, "they're slow. God, they're slow. Good luck trying to get the simplest task accomplished if a Colombian is involved.

The same expat added: "They will rob your ass. Some expats get too comfortable or are all together careless in regards to personal safety. Be vigilant. An expat cited "the lower than average cost of living especially for real estate rental or purchase.

I had grown accustomed to a certain lifestyle during my career in the U. Instead, here in Colombia I can live pretty much the way I want to. Here is an excellent thread with people graciously sharing cost of living information for Colombia - just to be nice!

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One expat wrote that "Gringos get a special, unofficial tax added to every product and service. I call it the Gringo Tax. There are taxes to be aware of when you bring savings into Colombia. Here is one about the Colombian taxation of monthly income.

One expat wrote about other expats who are considering, or actually investing in, Colombian savings schemes :. I know there are a few other forum members who have also managed to save a few pence, or dimes and have wondered if it could be beneficial to put them into Colombian savings schemes Cuentas de ahorros, CDT's, corporate or treasury bonds because of the higher local interest rates. For those fortunate persons, the Colombian Fedessarrollo Chamber of Commerce? If these estimates are One expat wrote, "The rents are so cheap in Colombia that I don't really see any advantage in owning.

An expat said, "Property values are going up, yes, but not very quickly. Here you don't get any tax deductibles for ownership the way you do in the US. If anything, you get penalized for owning property. Another expat advised, "the main reason not to finance a home is the high interest rate.

But here was the process about one year ago for me. Take your cedula and a lot of cash credit cards were not accepted at my location in Quindio. You will be directed to a place to get a physical exam, eye test, hearing test, and what they called a "psychological" exam, which is really just a video game to test your coordination.

Here is another thread where getting your Colombian driver's as an expat is discussed in detail. One expat advised: "al or not, you have to be at least twice as alert! I've alled, looked in the mirror, seen it clear, pulled into the left lane only to almost run over a moto coming from behind several times, as they almost never al and many do not drive deliberately and safely but unpredictably, making spur-of-the-moment maneuvers, passing on the right and left and in-between lanes of cars. Car vs. The Relocator offers an easy and free service to receive quotes from renowned and certified movers worldwide.

Get your moving quotes. One expat wrote, "And the natural mountain scenery is as exhilarating as an ocean view and in fact more so. Another wrote: Colombia seems great Pick whatever climate you like - hot or cold One expat advised someone considering moving to Colombia to "start with climate Then you will have something the people here can really help you with.

One expat wrote, "The lifestyle of boaters in a marina at sunset is something that many people dream about Another expat wrote: "For most of the past 40 years I drove everywhere. Even when I set out to walk 2 blocks to my favorite restaurant, usually I'd change my mind when I got outside.

I ate a lot and very little of it was healthy. Three months ago I was creeping up on pounds. I had 3 pairs of pants that still fit and they were too tight. I eat comida tipica typical Colombian food for most meals, I walk most places and eat smaller portions. The pants that were too tight are now too big. I'm about 30 pounds lighter and in much better shape. I just started doing things the same way as the Colombians around me.

When a friend says "you should try this," I try it, instead of ordering what I'm used to. Much of the content of this article was taken a thread about the pros and cons of living in Colombia. There are differing opinions, some humor and even a little bit of snark. It's always valuable to hear expats contest one another's advice, so take that into consideration! Connect with Joshua on LinkedIn. Get a quotes for international health insurance from our partner, William Russell.

Expats in Colombia discuss the pros and cons of living in Colombia. Colombia Forum our Colombia forum to meet other expats and talk about living in Colombia. Contribute Help other expats and newcomers by answering questions about the challenges and adventures of living in Colombia. Here are the 9 best places to live in Colombia according to expats living in Colombia. Expats share why they love living in each city, the climate, cost of living, social activities and more. Don't overlook the comments about heat and humidity in some coastal cities - while these conditions are ideal for some expats, they're oppressive for others.

Our guide to healthcare in Colombia covers public and private healthcare in Colombia, hospitals, vaccinations, prescription medications and more. Expats living in Colombia talk about their own experiences with healthcare, hospital visits, emergencies, finding a doctor, buying health insurance in Colombia and more. With its bustling cities, beautiful beaches and friendly Colombians, Colombia is an increasingly popular destination for expats of all ages.

Expats in Colombia offer insightful tips for those moving to Colombia.

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Take off your rose-colored glasses and learn what expats have to say about the biggest challenges and the greatest rewards of living in Colombia. Colombia is an up-and-coming expat destination. With it's low cost of living, and wonderful people, Colombia has a lot to offer.

I was born in Colombia and moved to the US when I was I came back to live in Bogota 25 years ago and opened a language institute, I was not only a language instructor and a translator, but I became the person that everyone in the community trusted for advice on anything that expats needed.

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I went back to live in the US and now I moved back to Medellin 8 months ago. I would like to start helping expats with everything they need when it comes to moving to Colombia. It is a great place to live!!! I just returned from 11 days in Cartagena.

What really surprised me is the heavy winds! It blew strongly everyday. Not always 24 hours but for a good amount of the day. Anything not tied down is going to move. I was told by some it can go on from Jan to April. Others can stand in extreme wind and deny it exists! So be forwarned. Bring swim goggles for the flying sand.

Dont buy any light or plastic furniture as it will just blow away. When your in inside the city walls your protected quite well as the walls are massive, but beachfront in the beaches north and south can be extreme. With this come salt damage to metal. I saw many windows and sliding doors in properties that can no longer be opened at all. Oxidized and fused together. Just something to be aware of that nobody seems to mention. Moving to Colombia Guide With its bustling cities, beautiful beaches and friendly Colombians, Colombia is an increasingly popular destination for expats of all ages.

Expats in Colombia share experiences with the Colombian healthcare system. Tips cover EPS, quality of medical care, hospital stays and more. Expats in Colombia share insightful tips for buying property in Colombia. If you're thinking about buying real estate in Colombia, there is much to learn from their experiences. Privacy Policy Legal. EE Colombia.

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