Drugs that increase reaction time

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Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. The effects of chronic, daily administration of cocaine on auditory and visual reaction times and thresholds were studied in baboons. Single intramuscular injections of cocaine hydrochloride 0. Consistent reductions in reaction times were frequently observed over the cocaine dose range of 0. Lowered reaction times generally occurred immediately following the 1st day's cocaine injection, and continued through all subsequent days during the dose administration period, suggesting little development of tolerance or sensitivity to these reaction-time effects.

Reaction-time decreases showed a U-shaped dose-effect function. The greatest decreases in reaction times occurred from 0. Concurrently measured auditory and visual thresholds showed no systematic changes as a function of cocaine dose. Pausing was observed during performance of the psychophysical tasks, with the length of total session pause times being directly related to cocaine dose.

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Drugs that increase reaction time

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