Dating text rules

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Since mobile phone technology became part of our daily lives, the outcome of your relationship with a person may literally hang on the first series of texts between you both. Simple right? A lot actually. As communication is key in every kind of relationship, misunderstanding of texts can make the initial spark between two people fizzle out really fast. Sadly, texting etiquette when dating is governed by unspoken rules. While the individual style of texting cannot be ignored, like the use of emojis and abbreviations, there are still some major rules and knowing them will make you connect well without all the awkwardness.

Not responding to a message or doing so a day or two days later is a red flag for lots of people. I know you might have a lot to say, but texting it all might not be ideal. Research shows that the effectiveness of a text message is anchored on it being short and sweet. You just met remember? While you are trying to express how you feel perhaps, after a dinner date or a visit to the movies, you also want to make sure they are looking forward to the next date without sounding desperate or needy.

Think of it as being mysterious in a sweet way. Why would you want to text him about your horrible roomie or your college professor giving you a hard time? More so, you might be sending a message you have a pessimistic view about things or people. Research shows that positives conversations breed positive in relationships. Even if he portrays himself as a sensitive person with listening ears, spear him the negatives for now till when you are a lot closer and he sees himself as a shoulder for your to lean on with all the negatives and positives.

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When your mind is distorted by alcohol or any other mind-influencing substance, what you consider funny at that time may not be. No doubt, sexting can be a good way of connecting with a guy you just met if you are not ready for real sex. So, if you are thinking of sharing pictures via an address or other platforms like Facebook, you might want to think it over; you never know, you might just be chatting with a fake online profile loaded with fake images. Abbreviations are extremely common among teenagers. More so, bear in mind he might not be used to your style of texting. The occasional OMG oh my God!

This makes him know you enjoyed the last time together and you are looking forward to seeing him again. Okay, so you guys hit it off right the first time. This is a confirmatory text you guys are still going out as planned. Also, he may have totally forgotten due to workload. A simple text would have saved some stress. Being appreciative shows good manners. If you had a nice time with him on your first or second datethis is where you appreciate his time and effort with a simple text.

Believe it or not, some ladies feel entitled to a dinner or lunch in a fancy restaurant because a guy asked them out. So, a thank you shows you are kind and thoughtful, especially if he paid the bills.

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When two people are dating or getting to know each other first, text conversations are meant to carry heartfelt emotions and opinions. Depending on the nature of the text, it is expected that the content of your response should relatively address what was initially sent well enough. For example, if he sends you a text asking how you found the food at the restaurant and if you had a nice time out with him, such a question requires some pouring yourself into the test by describing the place, the nice or mean waiters, the food, etc.

This includes responding to your texts on time, keeping texts short and simple, and responding relatively equal. When it comes to dating, guys love mystery and like to do some chasing. Because guys love to impress ladies with words, they do more texting while trying to win you over. More so, if you have regular conversations via SMS, then you should expect more texting from him.

It is generally believed that guys love to do the chasing. However, men like the feeling of being wanted by their female counterparts. I hope you enjoyed the article. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Dating text rules

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5 Texting-While-Dating Rules to Simplify Your Love Life