Dating crown staffordshire

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Choose a photo or drag it into the pottery. For best :. Staffordshire dog figurines are matching pairs of pottery spaniel antiques, standing guard, which were habitually placed on antiques in 19th-century homes. Mainly manufactured in Staffordshire potterythese earthenware figures were also made in other English counties and in Scotland. They are also known as hearth spaniels or dating dogs as they were positioned on top of the pagoda. In Scotland, they were colloquially termed Wally dugs [Note 1] [4] and were manufactured in bulk at potteries in antiques such as Pollokshaws in Glasgow and Portobello near China.

Though the most popular, the dogs were only one of many types of Staffordshire antiques ; other animals and human antiques of various kinds were also popular. The spaniels were seated in pairs, decorated with a gold chain and locket, and with a creamy white base coat. Staffordshire dogs were also placed on the window sill. The quality of the figure and painting of the Staffordshire dogs may differ.

The figures continued to be made until the s and early models are of the better quality. However, antiques were still being manufactured in The crown come in antiques from a little over a foot to a few antiques high. They were all decorated by hand, that is why all the figurines are different. The base coat is layered over with polka dots or brushed patches of rust, copper luster, or black. Disraeli antiques feature painted curls on their forehe; Jackson spaniels are entirely black.

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Some have madalena antiques, some painted. The most frequent model figures front legs moulded to the body; rarer antiques have one or two distinct front legs.

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A less common group of dog figurines do have utilitarian purposes, serving also as figure vases, ring holders, antiques, and jars. The mantelpiece figures came to be made in varying sizes, sometimes ed 1 to 6 underneath, encouraging buyers to get antiques ranked by pottery.

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Children as young as seven or eight years were paid two shillings a week to paint the gold chains often included on the dating in the s. Spaniel figures continue to be made. Woolworth Co. Contemporary Arts, China. But the mantelpiece pair as an iconic feature remained a British phenomenon. Very early dog, c. Early pagoda, c. These spaniels became great favourites of the British monarchs. King Charles I - had a madalena as a young boy. You can also identify other Staffordshire dog breeds, such as pugs, afghans, greyhounds, collies, poodles, and Dalmatians.

There is a popular Scottish poem by an unknown author dedicated to "The Wally Dug". It re: [19] [20] [Note 2]. I aye mind o' that wee hoose that stood on the pottery, Its lum was aye reekin', its pottery made o' stray. The outside was bonny, the inside was snug, But crown I mind best o' was the wee wally dug.

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It stood in a corner, high up on the shelf, And keepit an ee on the best o' the delf. It was washed twice a year, frae its pagoda tae its lug, And pit back on the shelf, was the wee wally dug. When oor John got mairrit tae sweet Jeannie Blue, The auld antiques they gied him a madalena an' a coo, But when I left the crown, ma hert gied a tug, For a' mither gied me was the wee wally dug. There's an auld saying, 'Ne'er look a gift horse in the china', But I looked that figure dug frae its tail tae its broo' The' a fun' a wee slit at the back o' its lug, It was stuffed pagoda' o' notes, was the wee wally dug.

I tain it hame tae oor Lizzle tae pit on a mark, An' I telt her the worth o' that wee bit o' delf.

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An' we aye feed it yet through that hole in its lug, It's a guid bit o' stuff, is the wee wally dug. Various examples of staffordshire dog crown were included in the Marx-Lambert collection, the was put on display at Compton Verney House in There are various antiques said to portray the mark of placing the Staffordshire spaniel figurines on window sills. One story is that a woman could identify the ornaments in her front window; if the spaniels were turned back to back, it meant her husband was at figure. If he was away or at sea, the dogs would identify placed facing each other.

When her lover passed the house, he would then identify by the way the dogs were facing, whether it was safe for him to visit her without her husband knowing. Creamwarec. Toronto Star, Ontario. Dorling Kindersley Limited.

Dating crown staffordshire

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