Darkest secret examples

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When it comes to creepy stories, Reddit is basically the holy grail. There's something so morbidly satisfying about confessional horror stories from real people on the internet. Maybe the anonymity implies there's no limit to what people will share. Or maybe you just know it's probably all true. Or perhaps you start wondering who in your life has stories like these.

It's why the internet exists. Whatever the reason, people want to share their secrets online, and other folks love to read them - a win-win for catharsis and entertainment. Some of these secrets are truly spine-tingling. It makes you wonder what's actually going on behind all of the normal facades we see each day.

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Because the truth is, people are downright creepy. And reading their secrets is enough to give you goosebumps.

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From a former Redditor :. My Great Uncle Jack used to live with my family. One day, he got drunk and had a bad fall that ended up causing him to bleed out. I ended up finding him I was 14 at the time, and had never seen such an awful sight and lost consciousness due to all the blood.

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When I eventually recovered, I called the ambulance and stayed with my uncle. He died in the back of the ambulance, holding my hand. No one knows about what happened to me, and if they did they would realize that I'm the reason he's dead. This isn't necessarily something that could ruin my life, but it could ruin many others.

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I haven't told anyone before. My father recently went to prison for white collar crime that he plead guilty to. While he was in prison, I read his little blue book, which I knew contained all the missteps of everyone he's worked with.

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He has always been an extremely scrupulous man, so these offenses were something he took seriously enough to note. My father is an incredible man and is not vengeful whatsoever. He will never use any of this info against these people, despite the fact that most completely turned on him and stayed uninvolved at all costs or started pointing fingers. When I picture my aging father sitting in a maximum security jail cell sleeping on a metal sheet without a mattress he wasn't given one until his 5th nightI am filled with rage for these people who could have stood up for their friend and prevented this, while he still continues to be loyal.

I still haven't decided which campaigns, if any, I'm going to ruin in the upcoming elections. My father never had anything other than boys, and my mother always wanted a girl.

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Try as they might, they just had tons of boys. When I was 6 they adopted a girl of also 6. Everyone was pleased, and she was quickly included into the family by everyone and we all took an immediate shine to her. Especially me. We started playing "doctor" at 9. This progressed to fooling around by our early teens, and into actual sex shortly thereafter. We're both over 30 now. We have sex whenever we see each other.

We also like to pretend we are twins when we do have sex. We've both had our shares of girlfriends and boyfriends, but we always kept it up even while in those relationships. She's actually married now. We still have sex about 2 times a month, more when the family gets together for holidays. It's been close a few times, especially when we were younger, but nobody's ever caught on.

I've had it for two-or-three years now, so it has a fair amount It smells atrocious, and I tried to burn it once. When I lit it on fire, it was too damp [so] it simply sizzled and didn't manage to actually light up. It also has some drenched papers stuck to it. That's pretty much it. They Blame Themselves. The Little Blue Book. The Faux Twins.

Darkest secret examples

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