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Are you triggered by any or all of these words? Blank. Homes Under The Hammer. Peanut butter. Blank document. Body odour. Not all are made for working in though. Aside from good coffee you need somewhere comfy, with good wifi, and plenty of those sacred plug points. These are the best coffee shops in London with everything you need to get some work done. Well actually, only this cutesy spot on Monmouth Street has that. It also has plugs everywhere, an air of calm that will help you not get fired when you get that urge to reply with the passive aggressive you just drafted in your head, and a menu with everything from brunch to baked porcini pasta.

Fare Bar and Canteen in Clerkenwell is the kind of stylish all day coffee spot that your boss you can definitely get on board with. They serve great coffee from 7. There are many reasons why you should go to Soderberg in Soho. One is to sit down with a cup of good coffee whilst also being conveniently close to one of their many USB ports. Another is their seriously tasty cinnamon rolls.

And really, the ultimate reason to go to Soderberg is to feel really, really cool. No problem, this laidback Swedish spot is full of Scandi furniture, people wearing beanies, and an indie top ten soundtrack that will make you feel human again. Bear in mind that it gets busy at peak times. The amount that can distract you out of work, or disgust you into it. You can easily come here with colleagues, or hunker down on your own.

Which makes it particularly useful considering where it is. Paul, right by Highbury and Islington station, is the latter. Some coffee shops have a distracting bustle, but Dark Habit in Queens Park is stylish and calm. The excellent soundtrack makes it the perfect place to stop for a couple or three hours to break up the day, and there are few spots in this part of town that care as much about the quality of the coffee they serve as this place does.

You should know that you will be spending your whole day at Jolene. Our brain whispers two things to us every Monday morning. The first is coffee. The second is the name of this place. Just be warned, they close at 4pm during the week. But Coal Rooms, attached to Peckham Rye station, is an exception to this rule. The front coffee shop area opens at am and is a super useful place to get a bit of work done. Especially if you need to jump on the train at some point. The first thing you should know about Stir in Brixton is that they have decent coffee.

Despite being fairly cosy see: small Hej in Bermondsey makes for a good stop-off spot to get a couple of hours work done. Because a ham and cheese croissant needs something with custard in it to wash it down, right? But, on the plus side, being freelance means you can make all day, small plates and coffee spot, The Attendant Shoreditch your work zone for the day. You can expect lots of foliage, cold brew coffee, whitewashed walls, and of course, wifi.

Coffee shops are to Hackney what teenagers are to Camden: there are lo of them there. Problem is, most of them are noisy and horrible for actually getting any work done. They also do some decent light sandwiches, sal and brunch-y things if you want them. Tuesday is your no-zoom-meetings day and that means you can a work from your bed, or b work from this airy Notting Hill cafe which is serving up things like creamy mushrooms on toast.

Chocolate-stuffed treats aside, this spot is all hanging lights, exposed brick, useful plugs near most tables, and an airy feel to it that will make you want to stay until they close at 5. And their menu will do the same. In fact, we would happily spend eight hours working our way through their menu of clay oven-baked flatbre while typing away in their spacious dining room, preferably on a window table, or on their cute little terrace.

Formative is a slick, slightly industrial spot where you can quietly get on with stuff for hours without anyone disturbing you.

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This cosy deli is a genuinely comfortable and lovely space to get some work done. Be warned, there can be a rush at lunchtime and when the local schools let out, but generally you can always find a table. As well as nice coffee, the cakes here are especially good.

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Do you have friends and family who also eat food? Well done. All good.

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We still like you. Want to quickly find restaurants on the go? Download The Infatuation app. Modern European in Kings Cross. Giulia Verdinelli. Modern European in Peckham. PizzaItalian in Hackney. British in Shoreditch.

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Coffee shops near euston

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