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Something has to differentiate me from the masses. Black women are beautiful. White media has spent considerable energy and resources trying to make our women appear masculine and feminize our men. Also, if I look at her neck, I can see she is not a man. You have to forgive me but I see a sexy woman in a bodysuit.

Everything is covered up. If she was a flat white woman wearing this suit, no one would say she looks like a stripper. This woman just happens to have curves. This one brother told me since he got money all he does is date strippers. This is the mentality you ladies have to choose from. Either be fast or be single or date white out. There is no other explanation as to why there is a woman who has such an Exquisite physique.

I feel bad that you are taking everything I wrote here personally. Then just let it fly. I feel like I addressed my outlooks here with the utmost clarity. I just made an Observation. Those words came from your mind and not mine. When you feel like generalizing about men you do it.

The beauty of Black women is that they have bodies women from other races dream about.

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I have grown up with Black women that have this kind of body. Normal for a sister!

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Same to the men. Case closed…. She gotta a dent in her booty as she got hit by a car.

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Now scientists are really trying to get men pregnant. Her butt appears big because of how she is bending and I bet she is wearing a waist trimmer. But I still think too many times black women are referred to as mannish or manly. I think Serena and her sister are men too str8 up the media is the devil they promote who they want and European culture is homosexuality. Our private parts are their biggest enemy. Serena is a woman dude. Our women do not like look men! And too many brothers fell for their evil tricks. White women and racist white men gave her that title… while wishing they were built like that woman!

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All of our women are not built like this. But many of them are.

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White people used to tease our women for having these attributes. Now they just found another way to humiliate black women.

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Nothing new under the sun. I think they tested her and if she used steroids, they would have used it to shame her. Making all those white women athletes look inferior? No way they would let that pass! They let theirs shine. Clones have to get touched up every now and then they go back to the clone lab to get their features fixed to deceive the masses. Light skin and white women never get bashed or accused of being manly the way darker women do.

The media will try to convince us that Caitlin Jenner is more feminine than Serena! Light skin women are accused of other things. I smell a terrible plot! They got black sheep thinking this is normal. Hate against our own. Just set the motion and watch the self-hate spread virally! A lot of you women are extremely warped in your outlooks. You gonna let this man send you on an errand to bring back the ropes that will be used to hang you. What if this woman was on her way horseback riding or to the gym? Wordplay a woman is not a womb of a man.

Fake body parts on any woman are disrespectful to herself first of all. Be proud of your natural self. Fathers raise your daughters or the streets will or dumb people will. Our women have double standards. Beautiful Black woman wearing a business suit dress uniform for the corporate setting atmosphere.

Why men find black women beautiful attractive I am talking positively Remember Me. Saturday, October 9, February 18, This is that bullshit that women do that I will be pointing out. But when the shoe is on the other foot you cry foul. Shame on you sister, shame, shame, shame… The beauty of Black women is that they have bodies women from other races dream about. She is a very beautiful Queen. Help me out for a minute here? Where does the idea come from that says a woman who dresses in a particular way is uncut?

Why is your idea about what is acceptable for women the same as a European or an Arab? Tags: african beauty beautiful black women beautiful woman beautiful women pretty black women. Get tips about your blackness and discover what it means to be a black women and why Black woman are so darn beautiful! Related Posts. Black Woman Magic Beautiful Black woman wearing a business suit dress uniform for the corporate setting atmosphere.

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Black shemales pic

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