Best dating place in malaysia

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And so every year in the month of February, love-struck couples heed the call of Valentines to shower their soulmates with affection; set on a prefect night, in a perfect place. But choosing the perfect place is often a difficult one.

Where oh where can you find the ideal spot for romantic couple activities? Walk hand-in-hand through the mystical blue glow of the underwater world and let the charm of ethereal sea creatures work its magic. Envision the two of you admiring the ecosystem of colourful fishes swimming around you in the metre transparent tunnel; gazing through ceiling high aquariums while large stingrays glide overhead.

What a perfect moment to lean in for a kiss! Rest your head on the shoulders of your ificant other as you sail along the waters of Putrajaya. You can choose between the 30 minute cruise or the 45 minute cruise, but both will offer the same majestic views. Make the moment special by locking hands on the outdoor deck as you take in the sights of the passing cityscape. Another cruise option perfect for a date is the firefly tour in Kuala Selangor.

This experience will light up the spark in your relationship via the magical performance of a thousand fireflies twinkling among the trees.

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This tour is only available in the evening as fireflies only carry out their mating rituals at night. This will only add to the romance! Imagine cruising gently down the moonlit Kuala Selangor River, snuggling closely to each other as you take in the sight of flickering stars.

Wonderfly Price: RM The sky mirror is a fantasy come true for any couple. How special would it be to bring your special someone to a place where the sea touches the sky! Take her up to the towering heights of the KL Towers and have a breath-taking view of everything our capital is made of! The unobstructed view of the lighted cityscape will set the mood for a lovely evening on the decks of the tallest telecommunication tower in Southeast Asia.

Make sure to get on the meter high open-air Sky Deck, or peer through the farsighted telescopes on the Observation Deck. Want an excuse to hold each other? Then try out the transparent glass-floored Sky Box which protrudes right out from the Sky Deck. Cling on for dear life and onto each other! Treat your date to a unique dining experience in an actual Boeing aircraft! Photo by TeddyVille Museum. Get snug in a room filled to the brim with cuddly teddy bears.

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From life-sized huggable teddy bears to miniature plushies, the teddy bears in Teddyville are laid out right out for us to adore. The bears are dressed according to their themes set according to the nation and the era! Take a stroll through the bio-diverse living museum of exotic fauna in the lush grounds of the Tropical Spice Garden.

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There are up to 6 landscaped acres of garden where you and your ificant other could steal some quiet time together amidst the enchanting enclosure of this dense mini-forest. Breathe in the aroma of over plant specimens as you share your precious moment and sweeten the memories of times spent together. A day hike to the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia FRIM will bring you right into the belly of the forest, and straight through the heart of your soulmate. FRIM boast a total of hectares of tropical forest astonishingly located just 16km away from the capital city. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Like a scene straight out of a romance novel! Climb aboard, and take your love to new heights! A truly remarkable vantage point for an overview of the lighted city and vintage Melaka town. Photo by TeddyVille Museum The bears are dressed according to their themes set according to the nation and the era! Share it out. Post Next Post. By Timothy Teoh April 2, I go by Timothy, Timmy, or Tim. Tryna get rich to see the world. The only thing that can make this awkward potato awkward-er is if you speak Chinese to me. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Best dating place in malaysia

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