Are older women attracted to younger guys

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Are you wondering why older women date younger men? This guide is here to answer all your questions. Depending on whom you ask, the term "cougar" is either offensive or incredibly empowering. For many women in their 30s, 40s, and beyond, being a cougar means fighting back against an age-old double standard that says it's okay for older men to date younger women. Today, modern women are turning the tables by embracing their attraction to younger men. If you're a guy who enjoys dating a mature, confident woman, this female empowerment is something to celebrate.

There are many reasons why older women date younger men. While some are obvious, others might surprise you. Here are 10 reasons why mature ladies enjoy mixing it up with younger fellas. According to a study summarized by Timewomen are more sexually active in their 40s than they are in their 20s. Not only that, but women in middle age also tend to have more sexual fantasies compared to their younger counterparts.

As Time puts it, "it is women in their middle years who are America's most sexually industrious. So why do women in the so-called "cougar" demographic have more sex and report enjoying sex more compared to younger ladies? Researchers believe sexual desire increases in women once they reach the end of their peak fertility years. It's no secret that fertility declines as a woman ages. It might take more attempts for an older woman to get pregnant. In response, a woman's body tends to ramp up her sex drive.

This urges her to have more sex to increase her chances of conceiving. This biological response can drive women to naturally seek out younger partners who are more likely to be fertile. In some cases, older women like younger men because they're looking for someone who wants a casual relationship rather than a firm commitment.

There can be a of reasons for this. For example, maybe an older woman is coming off a divorce. Maybe she isn't looking to jump back into a serious relationship. Whereas a man her own age might want to settle down, a younger man might be content to keep things fun and noncommittal.

In most cases, younger people have more energy. The younger demographic also tends to be open to new experiences, and they're more likely to seek out adventure compared to their older peers. For an older woman looking for romance, dating a younger man can open new doors and introduce some much-needed spontaneity. While there are definitely older men who can provide this, the reality is that younger men are usually more willing to take risks, try new things, and go exploring.

If you're looking to find single older women try some of the more exciting places to pick up cougars that work. It's a lot easier to have a fun time if you're already in a fun place! While men might have a reputation for being more superficial than women, the ladies aren't averse to appreciating the beauty of the male form. If an older woman takes care of herself and stays physically fit, she probably wants a romantic partner who does the same.

This might explain why older women often turn to younger men. They're attracted to men who value good health and an active lifestyle—something an older man might not always offer. As the saying goes, "the future is female.

While their grandmothers might have let their hair go gray at 40, modern women don't feel as pressured to assume the role of "matron" or spend their 40s and 50s baking or knitting. That is unless they enjoy those things, and if they do they should embrace them wholeheartedly. Part of female empowerment means that older women don't feel like age should hold them back from pursuing a relationship.

Whereas men have enjoyed May-December romances for centuries, women have traditionally been pressured to seek out relationships with men their own age. That societal pressure has eroded, which means modern women are free to be with whomever they choose regardless of any age difference. In generations, women were more dependent on a man to be a breadwinner. Today, however, the workplace has opened up to women, giving them more opportunities to pursue a successful and satisfying career.

As a result, many mature women are self-supporting and financially comfortable. They can pursue a man because they like his looks or his personality, and they don't need to feel an ounce of shame about it. This can actually be a welcome role reversal for a younger man who might find it sexy that an older woman is confident about taking charge and even spoiling him.

It can also be a huge turn-on to know a woman is with you because she wants to be and not because she needs to be. In some cases, older women like younger men because they enjoy holding the reins. Or maybe even the whip if they're into that sort of thing.

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For an older woman, dating a younger man can make them feel like they're in control and not the other way around. This can even be a psychological boost if a woman experienced a controlling or manipulative relationship in the past. If a woman spent her younger years in an unhappy marriage where she was belittled or made to feel like the less valuable partner, dating a younger man can offer healing as well as help her regain her confidence. Not everyone is looking for an engagement ring or a house in the suburbs.

In fact, many older women have "been there done that" and have no desire to do it again. Instead, they're looking for fun and romance, and they don't necessarily want any strings attached. By dating a younger man, they can feel free to simply enjoy their partner without worrying about meeting his parents or planning a long-term future together. Of course, this doesn't mean things can't get serious. However, dating a younger man can give an older woman more time to celebrate dating life at a more relaxed pace.

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Most older women are going to have a great deal more life experience under their belts compared to younger men. In many cases, this can make for a sexy matchup. Just as Anne Bancroft's character seduced the much younger Dustin Hoffman in the film The Graduate, an older woman can feel incredibly sexy when she pits her life experience against that of a younger man. What's more, younger men can enjoy this juxtaposition, too. In many cases, a younger man is more than willing to play pupil to an older woman's teacher.

In some cases, older women aren't necessarily looking to date a younger man. Instead, they meet someone and fall in love and age has nothing to do with it. For these couples, an age gap is meaningless. They love each other, and the difference in their ages isn't a big factor at all.

For example, actor Nick Offerman is 49, while his wife Megan Mullally is Anyone looking at the hilarious power couple probably won't even notice their year age gap. It's just obvious they're in love and simply enjoy being with each other. There are plenty of reasons why older women hesitate to date younger guys. The reality is more and more women are dating guys younger than them. Older men have been dating younger women for decades. Women are exercising their right to date whoever they want, regardless of age.

However, if you want to be one of the guys who is helping women to buck the trend, you'll need to help them overcome their concerns. Oftentimes, these concerns stem from what society conditions a woman to believe. And that's why it can be tough to have them change their minds.

Nevertheless, by acting in a manner that alleviates these concerns or addressing them before you spell them out to you, it's possible to win an older woman over and enjoy all the added benefits of this non-traditional relationship. In this guide, I'll explain seven reasons why older women hesitate to date younger guys and how you can push past these roadblocks. Many of the reasons holding them back are due to outdated stereotypes. The fears they face rarely have to do with the age gap itself. They're often assumptions rooted in relationship dynamics that can happen between any two people.

Here are 7 reasons older women hesitate to date younger guys and some advice on how to beat them. Even if she's older than you, most women are looking for a man who can be the leader in a relationship. This is a masculine quality and a must-have for any feminine woman searching for a partner.

One of the ways older women show younger men they are interested is by checking to see if you have that mommy complex.

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It's vital that you start to demonstrate this from the moment you meet. It doesn't matter if it was while you were both drunk at a bar or any of our other favorite spots for picking up single MILFs. You can show leadership skills by taking responsibility for organizing dates, taking care of any emotional problems she is facing and generally being able to stand up and take charge in any situation.

Older women want to know they can have a healthy relationship.

Are older women attracted to younger guys

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