Am i desperate quiz

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No one wants to be the girl who comes off as totally desperate to find a boyfriend. Double texting. It sucks that dating is a game, but it is what it is, and texting is a major part of it.

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If you text him again, you do. Either way, trying to make it seem like a tech problem is yikes-worthy. You get your Mom a cleaning lady, your sister a massage, and your new boy…? We all know that social media stalking and looking up everything there is to know about him on Google is a bad idea, but repeating it to him even accidentally is worse. It kind of makes you look crazy. Being too upfront. Guys like not having to guess about your feelings, but there is such a thing as telling them too much.

Honesty is good, but too much information is not. Surprising him literally anywhere.

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Always being available when he wants to hang. He asks if you want to get dinner this week and you immediately reply that any night is fine with you. Big mistake. Making plans more than a week in advance.

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Maybe you both love the local baseball team and their biggest rival is coming to town in two weeks. Trust me on this one. Making any comments about other women he may or may not be seeing. You immediately connect with an awesome coach via text or over the phone in minutes. Just …. Chelsey Lynn C. D student who loves her dogs, bright lipstick and to travel. Find her on IG drparko By Averi Clements. By Amanda Chatel. By Amy Horton.

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Am i desperate quiz

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