Alexia rasmussen is she deaf

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The film, which was directed by Matt Thompson and written by Kent Moran, starts out with good intentions and an attempt to show the complex relationship between a deaf girl and her hearing family and boyfriend. However, it is quite obvious to anybody familiar with deaf people, deaf culture, or American Language that this film is made for a hearing audience. The first moment this became apparent was when I found out that the deaf character, Ariana, was played by Alexia Rasmussen, a hearing actress. Ariana meets Danny Kent Moran one day when her and her mother are served by him at a restaurant.

Danny falls in love with her at first sight and gives her his on a piece of paper. He is saddened when she does not call him back — until a few weeks later, Ariana wanders back into the restaurant again. It quickly becomes obvious that she is deaf when she writes back and forth to talk to Danny, but he continues to speak to her.

Ariana does not seem to have any difficulties lip-reading, and does not struggle even in poorly lit situations.

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Nonetheless, Ariana uses an interpreter in her classes in college, and brings her personal family interpreter with her on a date with Danny. The personal family interpreter helps her communicate with her mother, since her mother refuses to learn to. However, she is incredibly unprofessional, telling Danny that Ariana is not allowed to drink even though she is 21 and that he better not have sex with her or anything else her mother would not approve of. All of this is communicated without ing, so presumably Ariana has no idea they are talking about her Thompson, One of the major issues of this film is that Ariana is constantly infantilized and treated as a helpless infant.

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Her mother drags her around and controls her every move. She is not allowed to drink, to have sex, or to have a boyfriend, all because her mother thinks she cannot do anything on her own. Multiple times, her mother acts as though Ariana has an intellectual disability, once dragging her out of a dinner to punish her for misbehaving. When arguing with her mother about this through the interpreter, she suddenly starts to voice and says she never needs an interpreter again.

This is portrayed as independence from her dependency on her disability. She also seems to view deafness as a negative thing, and something that keeps her dependent on others. Ariana longs to be able to hear and to experience music. Danny plays songs for her and she feels the vibrations through the piano or guitar. They bond over music and he longs for her to be able to hear and experience the world as he does. Later, he is diagnosed with a late stage cancer and becomes very ill.

As he lays dying, he says that he only wishes he could hear her voice — to which Ariana begins to speak. Her entire life seems to revolve around Danny, music and trying to hear as much as she can. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, she does seem to view deafness as a negative thing, to her own detriment. She no longer needs language or interpreters. According to the film, Ariana is virtually cured with her cochlear implant Thompson, This takes a very medical model approach to deafness, instead of embracing and empowering herself Areheart, Most of this likely stems from her relationship with her mother.

She had very low expectations for Ariana — and so Ariana had very low expectations for herself. Her mother also forbid her from learning language something she learns as an adult in college and looks down upon it. This paternalistic attitude is common in hearing people, but only serves to oppress Ariana Andrews, Leigh, and Weiner, ; Areheart, She is completely dependent on her mother even at the age of 21 and does not feel like she can do anything her mother does not approve of.

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She has not even learned how to drive because her mother did not think she should. Ariana finally starts to break away from her mother when she dates Danny, but then her identity gets absorbed into his. He likes music, so therefore, she likes music and it becomes her dream as well. She claims that her dream is to play music for an audience and Danny is convinced that she will. This is how she finds out about getting a cochlear implant, which she views as a miracle cure. In school, Ariana has no deaf friends, although she does meet one girl who starts to learn to to communicate with her better.

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This happens after an experience in class where a boy makes fun of her inability to hear le Ariana to run out of the classroom crying. Overall, she has a very negative opinion of both hearing people and deaf people, and desperately wants to be hearing herself.

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She is effectively able to accomplish this in the end, where she is shown to speak perfectly, without a single trace of a deaf accent. This movie is fairly unrealistic, and even sometimes insulting to the deaf community.

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This only perpetuates a medical model of disability and deafness Areheart, It also serves as propaganda for cochlear implants, which Ariana sees as a miracle cure to listening to music and becoming independent. She is able to achieve this, but that is unlikely to happen in the real world. Therefore, the movie inaccurately portrays how cochlear implants work. It only seems to fail her when it is convenient for the plot.

Accents, lighting, male, female — none of these limit her ability to understand each and every word, except for when it is convenient for the plot. This is misleading to people who watch this and assume that all deaf people should be able to lip-read as well as Ariana is able to do in the film.

Similarly, they are likely to recommend whatever deaf people they know to getting a cochlear implant. All of this comes from a good place, of course, but it does not actually help the community. This film is a perfect example of what hearing people should not do when portraying deaf characters. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Listen to Your Heart poster.

This takes a very medical model approach to deafness, instead of embracing and empowering herself Areheart, Most of this likely stems from her relationship with her mother. Please follow and like us:.

Alexia rasmussen is she deaf

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alexia rasmussen deaf