A signle man

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Forgot your password? Don't have an ? up here. Already have an ? Log in here. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. Though the costumes are beautiful and the art direction impeccable, what stands out most from this debut by fashion deer Tom Ford is the leading performance by Colin Firth. Read critic reviews. Rate this movie. Oof, that was Rotten.

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How did you buy your ticket? View All Photos Movie Info. George Colin Firth is a college professor who recently lost his lover, Jim, in a car accident. Terribly grief-stricken, George plans to commit suicide.

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As he goes about his daily routine and puts his affairs in order, his encounters with colleagues, students and an old friend Julianne Moore lead him to make a final decision as to whether life is worth living without Jim. Tom Ford. Tom FordDavid Scearce. Dec 11, limited. Jul 6, Weinstein Co. Colin Firth George. Julianne Moore Charley.

Nicholas Hoult Kenny. Matthew Goode Jim. Jon Kortajarena Carlos. Paulette Lamori Alva. Ryan Simpkins Jennifer Strunk. Ginnifer Goodwin Mrs. Teddy Sears Mr. Aaron Sanders Tom Strunk. Lee Pace Grant. Jon Hamm Hank Ackerley.

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Tom Ford Director. Tom Ford Screenwriter. David Scearce Screenwriter. Tom Ford Producer. Chris Weitz Producer.

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Andrew Miano Producer. Robert Salerno Producer. Eduard Grau Cinematographer. Joan Sobel Film Editor. Abel Korzeniowski Original Music. Dan Bishop Production De. Ian Phillips Art Director. Amy Wells Set Decoration. Arianne Phillips Costume Deer. Joseph Middleton Casting. View All Critic Reviews Jun 20, This is a quiet, somber, and loving film, plumbing the depths of grief after the loss of one's partner in life.

Colin Firth is an English professor whose partner, played by Matthew Goode, has died in a car accident.

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He is consoled by his friend Julianne Moorebut is having a lot of trouble snapping out of his despondency. It's a strong cast and Firth and Moore in particular turn in great performances. The beauty of the film, just as in life, is in all of its little moments. Firth's relationship with Goode is told in brief, touching flashbacks, which feel like real memories. A student's Nicholas Hoult attraction to him is told very subtly, in the eyes. Firth is morose, but shaken out of his routine and contemplating life and death, takes the opportunity to tell people kind things, the things he normally wouldn't have expressed.

He also recognizes those singular moments in life when one sees with absolute clarity, and the way director Tom Ford tells us this is touching and profound. The fact that the people involved in this story are gay is secondary, although it is nice that the movie shows us these relationships are like any other, and the painful consequences of societal rejection. In a heartbreaking scene, Firth's character is not allowed to attend his partner of 16 years' funeral because it's for """family only""", but Ford exercises the perfect amount of restraint, and doesn't dwell on this any further.

While teaching his class, Firth describes irrational fear as the motivating factor behind hatred of minorities, something heightened when a minority is invisible and walking among us. He's of course alluding to homosexuality, but how appropriate this general message is inwhen the outcome of fear has been so clearly felt in U.

Antonius B Super Reviewer. Apr 06, A Single Man feels more like the prelude to a fashion show than an actual motion-picture, and whilst the film and plot are impeccably solid, it suffers from a certain aura of "style over substance" and not enough depth as it could've had. The debut film of fashion engenue Tom Ford, A Single Man is both heartachingly melancholy and richly probing into the life of a lonely homosexual widower in the sixties.

Colin Firth is brilliant and brave in the role, whilst Julianne Moore and Nicholas Hoult offer beneficial support, however both are slightly over-shadowed by the pace and performance of Firth. Seemingly inspired by the work of Lars Von Trier, A Single Man is really quite beautiful but not one of the best films I have ever seen. Harry W Super Reviewer. Jul 20, All that I want for you my son Boy, Firth sure does know his speech impediments, so, as you can imagine, one of my bigger disappointments in this film is its not having Firth do some kind of a unique speech thing, because one can only imagine what a flamboyant gay Brit who has lived in California for too long would sound like.

Of course, then again, the story of Lynyrd Skynyrd has its depressing moments Look up information on Allen Collins' final years and try not to say, "Jeez, maybe Van Zant and the Gaines brothers got it easy when they were killed instantly in that plane crash"just like this film's story about some gay man getting ready to off himself after his lover dies. Okay, perhaps the film isn't as upsetting as it appears to be in broad concept, though it has its moving moments, and yet, Firth's not having a gay British accent is not the only disappointing aspect to this film.

At just about minutes, this film doesn't have a whole lot of time to slow down, yet it still makes the time, or at least feels like it does, because even though limp spells aren't as recurring as I feared, when the atmosphere gets cold, blandness really starts to set in, sometimes to the point of dulling things down, and consistently to the point of emphasizing a certain dragging to the narrative that in turn reflects the narrative's unevenness.

Pacing inconsistency is not the only storytelling aspect plagued by inconsistency spawned from an overdrawn narrative, because as minimalist as this story whose primary focus is a single day is, it tackles several layers that would feel more organic if the film didn't either spend too much time focusing upon one aspect of this story or take on too much material to keep up with, resulting in a focal unevenness that proves to be almost as clumsy as yet another, particularly glaring type of inconsistency.

The film generally follows a traditionalist and focused storytelling structure, but, believe it or not, for only so long before eventually jarring into "art house" storytelling sensibilities, particularly an thoughtful and stylish meditation upon symbolic imagery and dialogue whose intention is understandable, as well as often effective, - serving as both a compliment to the film's thematic value and a simulator for the point-of-view of our lead George Falconer character - though certainly not to where you can forget the stylish moments in storytelling's fitting inorganically in the midst of a generally conventionally structured narrative, and being questionable by its own right.

Some would argue that director Tom Ford's questionable stylistic choices reflect pretense, but really, I find that the most unnervingly unique areas within Ford's storytelling merely reflect an ambition to craft a drama that, in many ways, is carried by its thoughtful artistic value, which is noble, but ultimately misguided, because even with all of the genuinely effective moments within Ford's artistic punch-up, Ford, whether it be because of his lack of experience as a filmmaker or simply because of his getting carried away with his artisticgets to be uneven and overwrought with many of his stylistic touches, and that lays heavy blows to substance whose compellingness is shaken enough by natural shortcomings.

With all of my complaints about the glaring and distancing inconsistencies in storytelling, this story was always doomed to be held back, having plenty of dramatic kick, but too much in the way of minimalism for compellingness to be all that meaty, thus leaving this execution of a peccable story to stand on a shaky ground that could very well collapse and leave the final product to tumble into underwhelmingness. Sure, the strengths in this film are considerable, so much so that they almost compensate for the shortcomings, but the fact is that there are, in fact, flaws to the telling of a minimalist tale, and that's the last thing this ambitious project needs if it wants to sustain the reward value that ultimately slips through its fingers, thanks to unevenness.

A signle man

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A Single Man